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We want your ideas and feedback!

Dec 22, 2008
I think it would be great if a could have a poster of my character in battle. Not a generic character, my character in the outfit of my choosing and in battle with who I wanted. I'm not sure how you would do this, but you've done some amazing things so far...so I'm sure you could figure this one out.

Also, it would be nice if I could tour some homes before I buy one. I can see the outside in the shops, but I want to know what the insides look like.


May 23, 2009
this is a question i have a dragon and i got him with a code and i really want the death beetle but i cant get him so if i delete the ssummer dragon will i be able to get the death beetle
:? 8) :) :-) :-o :D :x :( :P

Jun 19, 2009
I've read all of the former posts and there are some ideas that I LOVE!

1) I think it would be really cool if you could let unused pets wander your house.

2) I like the idea of being able to purchase monsters for your home.

3) Action figures of some of the characters. (I would LOVE one of Diego!!!!!)

4) Plushies of the pets/monsters

Jan 29, 2009
I hate to be the voice of dissent but having read through the replies, I think you all need to concentrate on fixing the game and worrying less about merchandising because if the game continues at the same pace, there won't be a lot of people to buy your stuff.

Feb 12, 2009
i was wondering maybe posters of the cards we use in the game. i would buy all the death ones. (well maybe the higher lvl spells) and also i would get the lvl 48 spells

Jun 05, 2009
What I think would be cool is a Wizard101 lamp. Like maybe a ninja pig one or i would really like a fire school lamp. I also think a card game of the actual battles would be neat. board games would be great too! thanks you guys rock!

~Robert DuskHunter level 27 Fire!

Jul 12, 2009
I think that with the houses if you sell them back you should at least get 30% of what you paid it sucks especially when you start out to buy a house for $30,000 and only get $1,501 back. Also they should have things in the store that is like a bundle of school items. Things you can decorate your house with like bed sheets, posters, pictures etc that that can all come in a set for each school and you can also have a mixture for secondary schools as well. Like you can have a storm and death pack or something like that. Another thing is its weird for us to be able to have no trade no auction things that are worth thousands at the wizard bazaar but you can't sell them there and then you can go to another world and sell them for a few hundred. Its almost like a tease. You could get this much if you sold it there but its not allowed to be sold. Things that i don't want to sell i should be able to trade with my friends because they could really use the clothing items.

Mar 09, 2009
I've read this whole thread and here're my votes for:
1. Plushies!!!! :-) :-D
2. Pajamas, especially emphasizing school pride!
3. Cosplay!

Here're new ideas:
1. School symbol earrings and pendants.
2. Regular deck of playing cards with pictures from W101 (people, pets, places, and monsters) on the face of each of the 52 cards. [Malistaire and Cyrus as the two jokers, perhaps! :-P]
3. Undies, in packs of seven: seven schools + seven days of the week = happiness! (This is based on a previous post about the same idea but with socks!) If not packs of seven, then at least individuals with school symbol and school colors!

Fallon MoonRunner, Grandmaster Ice

Sep 03, 2009
I would love the stuffed animals, particularly a ninja pig. :)

Aug 14, 2009
1. I desperately need a clock... maybe one like a plauque on the door of each school?

2. I would Love a poster of Mooshu!

3. A guide?

4. A plush NINJA PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 23, 2009
Shirts -- featuring various things like school colors/symbols, teachers, bosses, etc

Stickers -- see above

Collectibe Cards -- not so much a game but rather more like baseball cards with info, history, etc.

May 16, 2009
I think you should get all the spells as trading cards so you can battle in real life with your friends.You roll a dice for pips or power pips and get a deck that comes with cards or booster packs that have more cards.Also an eye of bartleby pack.

Jun 01, 2009
I'm angry. I spent a lot of time trying to get through the great spyre to Malistaire only to find out that I needed 3 people! I've been soloing mostly and enjoying the game. I summon henchmen in rough spots. How can the game go from allowing me to do everything that way to abruptly, and with no warning, forcing me to coordinate with others? All the other quests tell you exactly what to do and where to go other than finding things...this quest forces entirely new capabilities with no warning. If I'd known ahead I wouldn't be so annoyed but I went into the great spyre about 3 times and wasted a lot of time and crowns.

I wish you'd make a solo effort possible for everything - thanks.
A **PAYING** customer.