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Ways to Enjoy Wizard101 More

Aug 10, 2012
Hey guys, I just had some ways to enjoy Wizard101 even more!

1:Look at the map doodles. Some people may jsut ignore them and thing their jsut not important, but if you look at the doodles on the map in the area your it it can be quite entertaining and interesting.

2: Be friendly. One thing you can do is to be friendly to other people. Stop and ask some one if they need help if they are low health in a battle. Kindness is key.

3: Plant and Train. Another fun thing to do is to garden, everyday when you get on Wizard101 you have something to look foward to with fine rewards. Also, train pets, this is a fun activity that some people see as a chore. When training pets, do a variety of games and not just the same one. Also buy diffrent pet snacks and see what your pet likes for the future.

4: Read or listen to the dialogue. This is one thing that people miss. When I started Wizard101 I always skipped over the dialogue. I didnt even know the Order of the Fang was a group of people who tried to put the Kroks to sleep with the Necronomican.

5: Do side-quests. These are also cinsiderd a "wast of time" but are very interesting when you read them. Every side-quest is a mini story.

Well, thats what I have to say, anyone else have a thought?

Thomas SoulHorn
Level 72 Death Wiz