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was the critical rating system changed?

Sep 26, 2019
im a level 114 death with 414 crit rating i stopped playing for about half a year and i come back and notice i cant see the percentage of my crit chance and i have been criting every single spell when i attack

Jan 18, 2010
Welcome back!

Yes, the Critical/Block Ratings were changed.

Whenever you take a halitus, it is always a good idea to catch yourself up by reading the game update notes.

See the one about Critical here;
Ratbeard explains the concept beautifully.

Crit Block Stat Rebalance Dev Diary | Wizard101 Dev Diary

Jun 12, 2009
Something's out of balance, then, because I crit nearly every single time now in the second arc of the game. Every. Single. Time.

Jun 07, 2011
So I am aware of the critical changes, as my friends and I have discussed it endlessly, but there is one issue that I have found. No matter what I do, whenever I crit on my balance, there is a chance the critical won't affect all enemies. This is true even when fighting multiples of the same enemy in a single battle. Is there an explanation as to why this may be?

Nov 23, 2011
Some are blocking the crit, and others are not (nothing new there). The game is currently no longer announcing when someone successfully blocks, like it used to, but that is what is happening.


Jun 07, 2011
The way that the changes explained, we were under the impression that the chance to block or crit was removed, and now the stats between the opponents are compared, which would mean that the opponent would need close to or more block to not have the crit count on them. Please correct me if I am wrong though.

Jun 17, 2012
I understand, I think, some of the changes, but there is, or was, no crit block in Krok. Yet, when my level 67 Ice crited while doing daily quest I got essentially 3500 on the first opponent and 1750 on the second one (not exact numbers but very close). But there is no, or at least there did not used to be, any crit block in a world that low. So how is any AI character blocking any crit in Krok? Did I not understand something in the update notes? If that is the case, can someone clue me in? Cheers!