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Using gift cards for one year subscription

Feb 09, 2009
I was wondering if we bought enough gift cards at once if they could be used for the year subscription and could we do this. Somepeople might rather use these then keep a card on file to be used. Or if they really don't trust using a card it would make it fair for them to beable to get a year if they like. I'm asking because I got someone to Play the game and they would not get a subscription till these cards came out and now she asked me if theres anyway she could get the year so she gets a savings like everyone else. I told her the only draw back if thats what you want to call it is you can't share the pets with your other wizards so you'll end up with multibles. She said that was ok as long as she got the savings . Still it's a very good question if someone from wizard could help with this. I might even consider doing it myself then all my new pet cards can be used to get crowns.