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Use for Myth Mastery Amulet

Mar 08, 2014
I grabbed a Myth Mastery Amulet during sale, and can't tell which school might get the most out of it, Balance or Life. I want to make a support wizard, as well as get some use out of my new mastery amulet. Help would be nice, thanks in advance

Jan 05, 2014
Probably life. With two spirit schools, you can cast a single spirit blade and use it twice, once for a myth attack and once for a life attack. Carry a death wand and you can use it three times, though blading a wand blast doesn't make much difference.

Jan 27, 2012
A myth mastery is only helpful in PvP levels 20-90. Life, Ice, and Death are the best schools to have a myth mastery on in PvP, as life and death can heal themselves and if Ice has high offensive stats then it probably wont have to heal much.

Its good for using shatter and earthquake on shield and/or blade spammers.