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Update Regarding 18+ Chat

Jun 21, 2009
Just wanted to say thank you to KI for your quick response and resolve to this issue. Though it didn't personally effect me, since despite I have open chat, and am 18+, I don't mind having had to use text chat later on when my sub expired. I'm here to play the game, not socialize. So, as long as I was able to say what I -needed- to in game, regarding what I was doing at that moment, I was happy.

Nov 13, 2010
I must applude KingsIsle on their decision. finally a game company that listens to its players. for all of those players under 18 and complaining then you just gotta trust the company knows what it's doing.

Nicholas GriffinFlame Death School

Sep 08, 2008
I believe your chat system was perfect the way it was, even since the start. Those 'angry' are only so because they cannot curse or deliberately mispell words to 'shorten' their typing time.

Your system enforces proper typing skills, whether it is a game or not. You are doing a part in educating and teaching proper etiquette when it comes to writing, chatting, and socializing.

Dec 06, 2009
Isnt it funny how mostly everyone in here who said thank you doesnt have open and never did? KI really... Your just giving in to the people who think its "not fair" You did the same with wild bolt. Really? If this keeps up I'm out.

Dec 02, 2010
nibs2008 wrote:
:D Bravo!! Bravo!! (clapping hands) Well done, King'sIsle! Great job in the listening department!! We DO have to protect our kids, whether they like it or not. A good portion of them don't think about the dangers that lie in wait for them-most especially on games like this.
Bravo to the parents who play on here with their kids as well! Together we'll keep this community fun and entertaining..

I for one totally in agreement here!
Kids, the issues of allowing you to Cuss, or to used caps letter in words to be a smarty pants is coming to a closed! If I see anyone [I mean Anyone] Doing this, I will immediately Report you to KI.
This is an all age game for all to enjoy! I get so sick and tired of reading these Filter by-passing words that is not appropiate here nor will it be tolerated again by me!
You want to play, then let's play the Game!

If you are a Child preditor, I'll be watching for you! And don't think that KI won't tract your IP address and not report it to the State you live in, to the Authorities! Preditors needs to play and enjoy the game; not trying to get email address or whatever to try and get to a child. We Adults [the responcible ones] will be watching and reporting.

KI Great Job, but much more needs to be done!
Sorry for any misspelling on words!

William N.
William ThunderSword - Legendary Balance

Sep 01, 2008
:D Thank you headmaster! I'm curious though. My subscription has been canceled. I have used the same credit card, consistently, automatically auto-renewing, about 3 times (3 years). Clearly, I am "worthy" of open chat. So do I really lose it when my subscription expires? This concerns me because it is a MAJOR convenience to talking with my friends, for several reasons, both social and role playing (It's hard to spell HELP ME ASAP) in a rush, and is easy to miss letters, so you kind of die :P) Thank you again, for your consideration of us
Yours truly,
A faithful Student

Feb 17, 2010
I commend you and your team for being open and honest about not being "perfect". And the fact that you take the time to explain when you make a mistake, then fix it.

Not only do I play, but I have taught my grandson to play. This is "our thing".

Dec 02, 2010
This is probly the best way to go for wizard101 I mean any one can put it down as 30+ they can as easy as 18 but I think its more fair for the 18+ because not meany people would be getting open chat if it was 30+ more young people play wizard like 8+ play

I think this is the best way to go and I think it should stay this way for open chat :)

May 24, 2009
:) A really big thank you for knowing who is chatting on KI. My son and I have a blast playing but I have had a few incidents of inappropriate chats being tossed out for all to see. If you have nothing to hide "a valid credit card" to prove who you are should not be a problem. Keeping everyone safe from those who choose to do what is not right is the right thing to do. This is a family game. Guess what adult chat sites are available out on the web. Welcome to the game, play and have fun and you use PG ratings in the game, there are children on it, too.

Dec 19, 2008
Thanks For all the assistance Sir
Headmaster Night ( Search Edward Night's School within a school for why I wrote that name)

Mar 19, 2009
Jul 21, 2009
am all for the update in fact i think you should only be able to chat if you pay month to month am so sick on logging on and see KIDS saying things like and i quote... ( Does anyone want to have HEX with me ) is this something i want my kid to see ? no and anyone else with kids on here i would hope you feel the same. anyway just my two cents not trying ot make anyone mad .

Dec 19, 2008
Feb 27, 2010
Thank you, KI, for developing such a fun, wonderful, and safe game for the whole family! My son started playing when he was 3 years old, played independently of me at 4 years old, and just turned 5 in February. I have enjoyed playing with him, and playing my own characters once he learned to play alone. Our alphabet practice included "B is for Blood Bat" and "F is for Firecat." His imaginary companion (for the past two years) is a firecat, and believe me that firecat goes everywhere with him! He is now learning to read, and I am immensely grateful to you for making such a safe environment for him to learn in, play in, adventure in, and imagine.

Feb 27, 2011
Although I personally believe this won't stop people from cursing, as they will always find ways to bypass the filter, it is a great step in the right direction.

-Jasmine StarEyes

Aug 13, 2009
I believe this is a neccesary precaution that should be taken like this. Players who are non-members shouldn't have the ability, just so we Members can have a well, more of a wide extra oppritunity if we buy a said membership.

Feb 16, 2011
wanda59 wrote:
This is ridiculous that we have to pay for open chat still! You should change it to anyone over at leavst 30+ gets open chat. This disapoints me majorly.
don't be so rude KI is doing the best they can to help wizard101 better 18+ open chat is only one of the first helping be patient they will listen and decided what's the best for us wizards :-)

This matter is closed.

To the Wizard101 Community,

Recently we made a change to our chat system that left a number of people in our community frustrated -- or some cases, even angry. The feedback has been signficant, and I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that, as always, we are listening.

First off, a quick apology. We did a very poor job of notifying you, our customer community, that this change was coming. To make matters worse, we completely failed to explain the reasons behind this decision. Please accept our apology for that, and allow me the opportunity to provide that explanation now.

A large portion of our effort here at KingsIsle is spent polishing our game, and all the related subsystems. It may not be apparent on the outside, but maintaining a virtual world with 15 million players can be pretty challenging. Operational systems, customer support, registration and billing, the website -- there are hundreds of individual pieces that have to fit together perfectly to keep Wizard101 running all day, every day. Our team is constantly changing these systems, improving them, polishing them, trying to make them better for you.

Sometimes when we make changes, we also make mistakes. A few weeks ago, we found that we had made an error: the explanation for how our 18+ Chat feature worked, as described on the website, didn't match the rules set that turned this Chat Filter off. The result was that a number of players -- all of them over 18 years of age, mind you -- were able to keep Open Chat working, even when their subscription expired.

Oops. Our original intention was to restrict this type of chat to active members only. We thought requiring a current, active credit card would be the safest, easiest way to ensure that 18+ chat remained exactly that -- a restricted feature meant only for our more mature players.

When we found that error, we put it on the schedule, and a short time later it was "fixed." The issue, of course, is that a number of our customers -- like those who have migrated from a subscription account to buying areas with crowns -- found themselves suddenly unable to use a feature they had grown accustomed to. This wasn't a problem before; in fact, when we added 18+ Chat, game cards were a pretty small part of our business. Now we sell them in almost fifty thousand retail locations.

Our intention was to fix an issue with our chat system -- not to alienate a portion of our community! We value our pay-as-you-go customers just as much as our monthly subscribers -- but by making this change, it certainly didn't look that way.

So the question now is: how do we resolve this going forward?

After much discussion, we have decided to move the system back to the way it was before -- and fix the messaging to accurately reflect this. As before, we will still require the use of a credit card to verify that an account holder is 18 or older -- this is not just the right thing to do, it is actually a legal requirement. This is not open to debate. But we can drop the restriction that you must have an active subscription. Once an account is verified as being over 18 years old, that account will remain verified, whether they continue to pay us or not.

We're going to make this change immediately, and I sincerely hope that this will address the situation to everyone's satisfaction. That said, player safety is (and must be) our first priority, and we will continue to review and revise our policies and rules to keep Wizard101 both safe and appropriate for all ages . We reserve the right to change things as we deem necessary, even if those changes are unpopular.

Please understand that we consider our player community to be our most important asset... We are listening, and we do care about your opinions. Thank you again for playing, and I hope to see you in Ravenwood.


J Todd Coleman
"Headmaster Ambrose"
Director, Wizard101

ps. one final note about feedback. We promise to continue listening... but only to opinions that are stated in a courteous, respectful manner. Profanity, insults or threats towards our customer support team absolutely will not be tolerated. Those who have acted in a discourteous or disrepectful manner -- in game, on our forums, or via email -- can expect their accounts to be immediately sanctioned or banned.