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Feb 10, 2010
Hi. I am a lvl 60 legendary pyromancer. I just finished the trial of spheres like a few days ago. There isn't much left to do yet (emphasis on YET since i know there will eventually be another cool world to explore) so i was thinking of unsubscribing. I just want to make sure. If i were to unsubscribe for a little while until there is a new world or something, could i re-subscribe. I dont want to pay ten dollars a month for a game i'm not going to play right now. Please reply soon since i just told my parents i wanted a wiz101 epic pack for Hanukah. I want to know if i should tell them not to buy it if i can't resubscribe.

Your Wizard is safely stored at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Even if you uninstall Wizard101 from your computer, your Wizard, all the belongings and experience earned is still safe.

When you reinstall, it may look like your Wizard is still wearing his/her starter outfit, but they're not, it just takes a little time for your computer to download all images of the clothing and items that you're wearing, so don't panic! You can verify that your Wizard is still wearing their higher level clothing by looking at it in your backpack.

If you are logged off in a subscription area, and your subscription expires, you will be returned to Ravenwood Commons and you can continue to play in the Free to Play areas of Wizard101. You can always return to Wizard101's subscription areas by purchasing a new subscription or buying the individual areas with Crowns.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.