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Unlocked worlds through crowns

Feb 18, 2009
Is there a way to find out what areas you've unlocked through crowns? Over the years, I've unlocked a few that way, but don't remember any beyond one.

May 29, 2009
I've thought this would be a great idea to be implemented on our "Account Access" screen. Maybe a new tab for it? With 13 Crowns accounts it gets difficult to remember which wizard purchased what area and the information is only good for the last 3 months in our purchase history.

Another thing that would be good is to allow membership accounts to purchase areas with Crowns. Maybe get a little pop-up "You've entered a new area. Would you like to purchase it with Crowns?" or something like that. Currently, my 2nd account has taken advantage of the Membership bonuses the last few months but will most likely go back to being a Crowns account. I've gone to new worlds since updating to Member status but wasn't able to buy those areas.