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Unfairness with Avalon Spells in PvP

Jul 26, 2011
This has been bothering me for a while about the utility spells in Avalon. The utility spells seemed to be specially designed for PvP and well some spells are completely useless in it. Fire got the most useless spells out of all of the schools. Backdraft is the worst of them for a couple reasons, 1: Why waste 6 pips on a +60 trap when you can use feint (+70) for 1 pip? 2: You don't have enough time to gain enough pips to gain many pips to use Backdraft to have a +120 or +170 trap with Balance lingering around with Mana Burn and other schools spamming to kill you before you can even get a hit on them. Detonate is another useless spell to fire since well it's only good for Heckhound and again you don't have enough time to gain those pips and it'll only be good in 2v2. While storm got Enfeeble and Healing Current, Balance got Supernova and Mana Burn, Life got Guardian Spirit, Death got Bad Juju and even Mass Infection, Myth got Shift (even though I rarely see it used since there aren't many myths), and Ice well, Ice can only get lucky with Balance's Availing Hands and Fire's Power Link heals with Snow Drift though Ice seems to have gotten stuck with useless utility spells as well.

Aug 15, 2012
At least you can try and use backdraft to get one in a million.

Sep 17, 2012
Every school has spells they almost never use. There's nothing unfair about it. You talk about how useless Backdraft is, well Storm has the same issue with Supercharge. Fire has plenty of utility spells to spam in PvP as it is. In fact you are the first fire I've seen complain about PvP being unfair to your school.