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Underpowered for Level 72+deck improvement?

Jan 16, 2012
Balance, Level 72

3686 Health
400 Mana
53 Balance Damage
31 Universal Resist
5 Universal Accuracy
15 Critical across the board; 103 Balance critical
55 Universal Block
8% Heal In/0 Heal Out
81% Powerpips

Waterworks Hat
Waterworks Robe
Level 50 Predgitous Shoes (120 HP, 5% Accuracy, 10% Def., gives 1 Tower Shield)
Sun's Light Spear - 30 block, 15 crit, 5 minor blessing
Bear's Claw of Balance(288 HP, 140 Mana, 11% Powerpip, 5 Block, 7% Balance Attack)
Death Mastery Amulet
Golden Ring of Battle(235HP, 140MP,14%PP.7 Block,7 Balance attack)
Spirit of Nature(ANCIENT: 68 Mana Gift, Pierce Train, Spritely)

Here's my current deck:
Hand Chased Box of Destiny (64 space, 6 copies, 8 for balance)
6 Colossal
6 Gargantuan
1 Amplify( rarely used)
5 Judgement
4 Elemental and Spirit Shields
5 Balanceblades
5 Hex
1 Spirit Blade
2 Bladestorm
1 Spirit Trap
3 Helping Hnads
3 Spectral Blast
1 Reshuffle
5 Ra
3 Chimera
5 Feint
4 Wraith
any deck& gear suggestions? (NOTES:
I am NOT going for WW Boots OR Lexicon Blade
I do have myth up to Myth trap
I have storm shield( random point waste o:)
I do not have any mutates&star moves other than Amplify)

thanks for suggestions! XD