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Underpowered for an Archmage?

Aug 20, 2009
Hey guys! So, I've seen a couple of other people do this, and I want to see how I compare to other Archmages.

PS- I'm a Necromancer

Here's the gear I'm currently wearing:

Hat: Hangman's Hood
+264 Max Health
+8% Power Pip Chance
+18% Death Damage
+9% Global Resist
+66 Death Crit Rating
+4% Incoming Heals

Robe: Hangman's Cape
+346 Max Health
+8% Pip Chance
+23% Death Damage
+12% Global Resist
+30 Death Crit Rating
+13 Global Block Rating
+2% Incoming Heals

Boots: Hangman's Boots
+123 Max Health
+6% Pip Chance
+15% Death Damage
+7% Global Resist
+25 Global Block Rating
+5% Incoming Heals

Wand: Mandolin of Evermore (Level 80+)
+80 Global Block Rating
+8% Incoming Heals
+12% Outgoing Heals
+1 Guardian Spirit Item Card
+6 Super Rage Wand Attacks (130 Life Damage)

Athame: Horn-Handled Knife
+190 Max Health
+145 Max Mana
+14% Pip Chance
+6% Global Damage
+11 Global Block Rating
+25% Incoming Heals

Amulet: Armiger's Amulet of Aiming
+410 Max Health
+1 Reshuffle Item Card

Ring: Crystal Cave Rose
+352 Max Health
+176 Max Mana
+12% Pip Chance
+5% Global Damage
+10% Incoming Heals

Pet: Vigilant Dragon (Ancient)
Pedigree: 63(22)
May Cast Tower Shield
May Cast Deathblade
May Cast Weakness

Deck: Druid's Knot Deck
64 Spells
6 Max Copies
8 Max Death Copies
32 Treasure Cards

Health: 4070
Mana: 441
Damage: 11% not-Death (all others); 67% Death
Resist: 28% Across the Board
Accuracy: 85% (Base)
Crit Rating: 0 not-Death; 96 Death
Block Rating: 129 Across the Board
Pip Chance: 88%
Healing In/Out: 54%/12%
Stun Resist: 0%
Armor Piercing: 0%

So...am I underpowered for Level 80?
Thanks for any feedback!
- Valerian DarkBringer- Archmage Necromancer
- Duncan SandShard- Master Sorcerer

Nov 26, 2011
your pretty good in everything i would say. its just your critical rate that could be better

Feb 07, 2011
Honestly, I wouldn't be concerned~ your stats seem fine. Depending on what type of character (offensive vs. defensive) you want to build, or the boss you're facing, just alternate your gear accordingly.

I have a necromancer, too~ he's level 64 now, or something like that; because my first wizard was Balance, I tend to play all of my characters defensively, so I've given up a lot of offensive stats (damage, accuracy, critical) in favour of resistance and block. Val still has his level 50 boots, because they give 9% universal resist, and he'll probably wear them until I manage to get him the ones from Waterworks.

Something worth noting: your pet has awesome talents, especially because his Deathblade will stack with yours. Perhaps, for longer battles (or PvP, if that's your thing), get one with Spritely and Spell Proof; then, alternate them as the battle calls for. If you need someone to hatch with, my starfish has both talents and would be willing to try and help you get them. :)

So, are you underpowered? Nooooo... you're totally set.

Happy trails,
El Veeb/Val