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Uh oh... Pagoda Gauntlet, unable to advance!

Sep 08, 2008
Me, my mom, and one of my wizard101 friends, decided to try the Pagoda Gauntlet at my Storm's house.

My mom has attempted to do it alone before, but simply could not beat it, for it is incredibly difficult. My friend never had the Pagoda, and I never even tried it.

First off, my Storm was the lowest of us, at 70, and even still, the dungeon was .. insane. I can only imagine the nightmares that I would get as a result from a level 80 run.

Anyway, we finally, after being thoroughly trounced by the second to last boss "The chain continues" we all walked back and defeated him. At last. But, after defeating him, and the final death message, the door to the final boss did not open.

We tried walking up and down the stairs to maybe trigger the door, we tried looking for any latches or levers to open the door, but nothing. The door was closed and we were unable to advance.

Was that because we all got killed?

On a side note .... what is the trick to the second to last boss's cheat? My friend used a Chimera ... and in turn, would have hit us with 3 Ras, and 3 Storm Lords. He did not even finish casting the third round, because by that time, we were defeated. But as my screen went black to change back to the starting room of the Pagoda, we could see the boss attempting to cast his third Storm Lord attack.

And just imagine ... this was a level 70 dungeon ... this was not even at level 80....

Feb 12, 2011
I have to agree with the OP- this dungeon at lvl 70 is crazy! I went through with 2 friends the first time (we were levels 80 fire, 76 life, 74 life). took us well over an hour to finish (maybe even 2hours?) - and I still haven't figured out the cheat triggers. I think casting and AOE spell may have something to do with it (on the second to last boss), but we never did nail it down.

By total accident, we had 2 Life wizards on the team (lucky us), so uncountable rebirths later, we did manage to finish with no death on our side - so I am sorry to say, I can not help with the final door issue/glitch (?). I also did not test the flee/port options - it sounds like it is more like WW and you have to walk back? hmmm

That said, we did re-run the dungeon the same night with a lvl 74 fire and 40 ice. TOTALLY different dungeon at that level. My fire dragon did most of the killing, and we finished it in about 15 minutes. The hp on the mob was closer to 1200 - instead of around 3500

lvl 70 dungeon - 47K xp
lvl 40 dungeon - 14K xp

May 15, 2010
I am not sure about all of them but one cheat to the second to last boss:
If you use the same spell twice in a row, they will shout CHAIN REACTION! and cast a ton of spells like power nova, etc.

Sep 08, 2008
Oh so I think I know. The cheat triggers if you cast the same spell in a row. So, you would have to do a Storm lord. Follow the next round with a different spell.

Or, one round do Triton, the next round do Efreet, etc. Or, you could cast them at the same round I guess. As long as it is not of the same school.

When our friend had cast Chimera, I assume the boss thought the subsequent 2 hits of the Chimera were spells of the same school, and therefore followed with 2+ volley of Storm Lord and Ra. I think.

I am still not sure why our last door would not open.

Apr 24, 2009
jameson143 wrote:
I am not sure about all of them but one cheat to the second to last boss:
If you use the same spell twice in a row, they will shout CHAIN REACTION! and cast a ton of spells like power nova, etc.

Um, No.

If you hit the storm mob, He will shout "Chain Reaction" Life will heal with rebirth, Storm will storm lord, balance will power nova.