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Training Points

May 12, 2009
I seem to remember reading somewhere on the web site, (and this maybe just wishful daydreaming, but...) that you can retrieve training points by giving up the spells gained with them.

Unfortunatly I cant seem to find this again.

Am I just projecting my wishes or did I happen to actually see this?

AND!, if not what a wonderful idea to implement, BECAUSE just as in real life one learns as one progresses and often wishes to change the direction they are going.

I am not saying change schools, just re-utilize training points in a different direction.

Blaze EarthWalker
Level 41 (knocking on 42's door) Pyromancer

When young Wizards first start out at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, they are often excited by the many different spells to spend Training Points on, such as shields and magical spells outside their school of focus. We understand that as Wizards progress, they sometimes wish they could return those spells in exchange for their Training Points back. Well now you can!

Mr Lincoln in Golem Court will allow you to Spend Crowns to buy back all your Training Points and return all of the spells obtained with those Training Points. You can respend your new Training Points as desired.

The price in Crowns is dependent on how many training points you have spent.

May 12, 2009
Thanx Administrator Gamma

Thats a big relief. I was sure that I was slipping into senility much sooner than anticipated (or hoped for).

Again a big thank you for the info and the re-affirmation that contrary to popular opinion I do in fact have several brain cells that remain in communication with one another

Jun 19, 2009
May 28, 2009
Anyone can do this at any level. The main issue is that this costs crowns on a per training point basis. So, if you are a level 10 and you have only spent 3 training points then this is not a problem. But if you are a level 42 and have spent 12 training points then this could cost a bunch of crowns to reset.

May 12, 2009
exactly ..... at level 43 it cost me 2800 crowns with 13 training points.

BUT for me it was worth it

Nov 11, 2008
Apr 04, 2009
LordHatredX wrote:
what level do you need to be to do this

I believe you have to be at least 10th or 12th level in order to trade in your trained spells for training points; and - IIRC - it didn't cost me anything to trade in two used training points on a recent wizard of the minimum level.

It does get quite costly the more points you are trying to trade in though.