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Training point trouble O-O

Apr 19, 2011
I have a question. I am a legend warlord death wizard and i just got a myth mastery amulet. i have been using treasure card myth spells and etc. I trained tower, weakness, spirit blades and 7 astral spells (garg, amplify, fortify, and regrettably vengeance.) so i used up already a good 16 tp, and leaves me with 10 more. points to earn. that means if i DO ALL the quests i can get 9 tp. should i train myth? and even so i dont think i have enough room for the things i would want to add. :? :? :? THANK YOU.

Feb 09, 2009
Why do you wanna train Myth in the first place? That's what I'm wondering; it's not really useful as a secondary school unless you're a Diviner, and even then it's not very useful.

Feb 28, 2011
Myth is not only boosted against storm but also in many cases it's boosted on ice enemies as well. (noticed this mostly in wintertusk) The best myth spells are the medusa and orthrus which you wouldnt get as a secondary school, medusa also stuns an enemy for 2 rounds except for stun proof bosses. Life schools I think also boost against some fire enemies. I'm not sure on the other schools, life and myth are my 2 highest wizards. It's all personal preference. My myth has storm as secondary, and my life wiz has fire second. But all my wizards get the triple spirit/elemental blades and traps from the krok tree trainer when they have the right lvl and pips to get them. I have 2 accounts and 10 students, most of my other students train as life for a secondary school for the ability to heal others. My myth legend uses treant polymorph from CL for healing others. Also you want to use a training point on i think it's called 'empowerment' it's a lvl 58 sun school I think, and it's an aura that gives you a pip whenever a spell is cast on you that is 4 pips or higher, this includes satyr or other healing spells over 4 pips, and 4 pip spells like meteor/sandstorm/blizzard that are cast on all players. quick way to gain pips, i have as many as possible in my deck and use whenever possible.