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Training Point Help

Oct 31, 2009
With Balance, you can benefit from choosing any, or all, of the three elemental schools to augment your wizard. Blades and traps laid down by the balance spells stack with those from the regular elemental cards.. so your elemental damage does so much more. My wife has a Ice, uses balance as her secondary, and does massive damage with all the stacking she does. May not be a deal breaker, but it is something to chew on.

May 13, 2013
Cunning Finnigan S... on Sep 7, 2013 wrote:
How will feint not help Fire? So +70% Damage to your spells is really something to pass up to make you stronger? And then at Level 86 in Azteca, you can get a spell called "Potent Trap" that will give a trap +10%. So now feints +80% AND you can stack in on a regular feint for a total of +150% damage boost. Are you really telling me you don't want that? Well your choice I guess then...

I don't think you should pay the ten dollars. You didn't waste any points on Death. Fire gets a shield spell called "Glacial Shield" for -70% next incoming Ice or Storm damage spell. You know that right? With Death you gain the spell "Dream Shield" which is -70% next incoming Life or Myth damage spell. By doing this, you have already learned enough defenses to combat 4 schools. And then you have Fire Shield, so that's really 5. Oh and then Tower Shield! So now you're set. I would recommend continuing death until Fient.

Afterwards, you could consider learning up to Satyr in Life. That will be a major help for you when you did a big boost in health. After that, save your Points for the higher worlds to learn from Sun, Moon, and Star. If you're into group play, I'd recommend some of Moon. It can help out here and there. If not, pass on the Moon Spells and get yourself Sun and Star spells. Sun's enchants will give you more accuracy, pierce, and damage, which will really help Fire. Star can give you a variety of critical, block, damage, resist, accuracy, healing and pierce boosts. Later on, you can learn a Star spell that will give you extra damage specifically for Fire.
150%? No, double that!

The way the calculation is done, its 1.8 (or +80%) times 1.7 (or +70%), which is 306%. So yes definitely worth it for fire. Thats four times your original spell.

Aug 26, 2012
Luke Skysleeper on Sep 23, 2013 wrote:
Hey Mrs. Greyrose I think we can close this topic now?

"... with persistence, victory is assured."

i've been wondering what goes before the ... ?
Sorry about the closing it guys. This was another board that was combined into this one.

Nov 21, 2009
MasterSorcerer653 on Jul 16, 2013 wrote:
Ok so I am a level 52 balance grandmaster, I am about a fourth of the way done with Celestia, I think. But here is my problem, as I progress thru celestia I find it harder and harder, and I hate having to ask my friends for practically everything in this world! I have power nova and I use that which can do about 1200 damage when I use hex, balanceblade and bladestorm, and my judgement can do about 3000 if I get all power pips, but that still isn't enough to defeat the bosses even at the beginning of celestia! And the worst part is the level 48 storm spell, storm lord, with storm shields I have seen it do over 10,000 damage! And it stuns! To all enemies!!! So can anyone give me advice on how to make my sorcerer better? By the way life is my secondary school, but only up to satyr. And is there something I am missing about balance? In the beginning it said that balance can turn the battle around but so far it hasn't, I actually think balance has the least amount of traps. Storm and death have tons!

Ok so I have read many post about balance strategies and most of them have said that to get life up to satyr, death up to feint, and ice up to the tower shield. Now I think that sounds great! But my only concern it that I won't have enough training points left for the astral schools, when I level up farther in celestia. Has anyone done this? Did you have enough training points? Was the combination worth it? I would really appreciate your input/advice.

-Sorry it is so long, I kinda rambled
-Logan MoonBlood level 52 Grandmaster Sorcerer
Balance, Life, Myth, sometimes Ice depending on the intelegence lvl of the player, are all school that are not really meant for solo fights. As you know u have blade storm which casts a blade on all allies. that should tell you a lot. Hope this helped a little.

Jul 03, 2010
sweetr0le on Sep 24, 2013 wrote:
i am a balance wizard currently lvl 35, and i was wondering where i should spend my training points in. i want to make sure i have the best one since i dont have crowns to buy them back.

i have already got tower shield and i was wondering wether i should go death to feint or life to satyr.

ALSO i am playing cooperatively with a death wizard so i think i should go life

also i think i will spend remaining points in the tough line

thank you in advance

also please correct anything here that is wrong
Here is a guide for balance


Aug 30, 2009
I'd say a good combo if you are choosing death is to train life all the way for sanctuary, and to get a guiding light amulet, along with some damage ones so you can be tactical before a battle. I've got a death that's got income and outgoing healing on both my athame and ring, and its helped a lot in soloing Dragonspyre, where there aren't a lot of players.There really isn't much else to train before Celestia where there are sun, moon, and star. Since most spells of death are life steal, sun isn't recommended, but star and moon are good. But Jordan's only lvl 52 and cant beat Malistaire. So, if anyone else has any better Celestia and up combos, feel free to post. (this is just recommended death, not required to do good.)

Aug 26, 2012
I got my training points back so this is it:

elemental blade, all until spectral blast (planning to get elemental trap)

newest spell has been frost giant

all up to feint (done)

none (wanted to get a good combo for ice bosses)

none (don't know)

none (want up to satyr)

none (want a good combo)

none (want all of them)

none (not planning on getting any)

fortify and amplify (want a good combo of them)

So the problem is i wanna know which schools i'm done with, which i shouldn't upgrade, which i should upgrade and which i should upgrade first. I think that with the mutations from i should me able to mutate some spells in general into spells to kill ice bosses.

Ian Dragonshield lvl 53 wizard (currently in Celestia, District of Stars, about just entering)

Luke Skywalker lvl 9 wizard (currently in Wizard City, Triton Avenue, ending it) the order i do Olde Town is Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue and Fire Cat Alley

P.S. Also i would like to know where to spend my wizard training points

weakness i think is the newest

all 'till thermic shield