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Tower Shield as favorite?

Dec 14, 2008
Okay I was looking around the website and i saw that Professor Greyrose's favorite Attack/shield was a tower shield and i disagree. I hate tower shields because whenever i try to do my attacks there is always somebody who uses a tower shield :x Professor Greyrose can you tell me why its your favorite attack/shield

P.S. most of my friends agree too! :)

P.P.S. If i am wrong sry Professor Greyrose. :D

Zachary Green The Green King

Dec 02, 2008
It makes sense for an ice professor to like tower shield, since that's the main ice spell that pushes people to spend some training points in the ice school. Getting volcanic shield along the way is useful, too, I guess, but the anti-fire and anti-storm shields are available by other means.

As for why you don't like tower shield, it sounds like that's because it's effective.

Dec 14, 2008
first of all it is your opinion that towwer shield is terrible

it is absolutely a neccesity for my ice wizard because it keeps everything at a reasonable attack range