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Too much op gear and pets.

Jun 13, 2011
Hello and once again welcome to another one of my topics,
Today I am discussing about how there is WAY to much op gear and pets just floating around. So I had quit playing for about three to four months and when I get back I see this. So much op gear and pets that I just thought to myself, too much. I have seen lv 15s with critical ratings from the unkind winter boots yet I am a lv 31 balance wiz and even my pet with 59 potential isn't looking too good on the critical. There needs to be a line and a cutoff (and even maybe getting rid of some gear/pets so there is no more SALES of it) so that the game is a little less insane with lv 20s whooping lv 30s bums in PVP with op critical gear for their levels.
Nathan Taleblade Lv 31 (And quickly rising)

Sep 17, 2012
None of the gear for sale is overpowered. The only gear that is possibly OP is high level dropped gear, but even that isn't really OP when compared to the increased difficulty of bosses in later worlds. The game is not centered on PvP. If you want more powerful gear, play the game more and level up and get it. Pets don't come without work either. 59 is a pretty low pedigree pet, but pedigree means little. Hatch with pets for their talents, not pedigree.

Aug 28, 2010
Are you sure you saw level 15 wizards critical unkind winter boots? I'm pretty sure the unkind winter boots start giving critical rating at level 40, not level 10. Critical also isn't the most worthy pet skill. Many people actually find it not helpful at all. Many instead prefer the SPUDF (Spritely, spell Proof, Unicorn, spell Defy, Fairy). Also, this isn't necessarily op, since you have to consider the months of hatching and training the people with these pets have gone through.

If you're being beaten by level 20's, it might also be a good idea to work on strategy. Either they're spamming cards (easily fixed with strategy), using tc (again, fixable), or have perfected their skills, and give you a nice challenge.

Haley Angleblade 64

Jun 13, 2011
No I have not lost to a level 20 I am just saying other people have. I am too much of a boss :D.