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Titan Insight

May 17, 2009
Anyone else ever wonder if the dragon titan that tortured dragonspyre is the very same dragon that Bartleby and Grandmother Raven created, and is that stone dragon perched up on top of the volcano it. If so how did it get turned to stone, And why did Malistare believe it had the power to bring Sylvia back to life? And why did its eye open only for a minute during the fight with Malistare then it reverted back afterwards? Finally was the Storm Titan that brought Celestia to the bottom of the ocean the Storm Lord or a Triton? Anyone think we will ever get a chance to see them up close and personal like we did with the Ice Titan YMIR. I think these answers should've already came out upon compeltion of both Dragonspyre and Celestia I've completed both several times and never seem to be able to find the answers to these questions. None of my friends nor any of these sites have the answers either. The people from KI told me it would be a spoiler to give away information like this, does that mean the answers will come out in the future. But these questions should most likely have been able to have been discovered in those worlds but they're not. Whats everyone else think?

May 13, 2011
pretty good questions there. i dont know everything about the game but it think the other lords turned the dragon titan to stone to stop the madness., and if you ask me, i was pretty excited to actually see the dragon titan, though it was only his eye, and i though CL always was an underwater world. im afraid i dont have any good answers but i did my best. also, malistare though it would bring sylvia back because it got such immense power. who else can destroy an entire world? the water is lava, the civilians are spirits, the sky turned red, theres a rift at the top, dragonspyre are just ruins after the dragon titans work