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Tips for finding the Smiths

Oct 19, 2008
Here are a few tips i created to help people that are stumped on this one

Commons Smith: This one likes to play games.

Ravenwood Smith: This one likes a view.

Unicorn Way Smith: This one would like to see Oriel... But can't go in.

Golem Court Smith: This one is a little behind in architecture.

Shopping District Smith: This one likes shady places.

Triton Avenue Smith: This one likes to hear waterfalls.

Cyclops Lane Smith: You'll have to get wet for this one.

Firecat Alley Smith: This one likes to go tothe theater to watch plays.

Collosus Boulevard Smith: This one always wants to see the King, but has a castle in his way.

Hope you can figure them out!
Michael Lotusblade, Savior of the Spiral.