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Times in a row Insane Bolt has Killed caster.

Feb 07, 2011
seasnake wrote:
vonawesome1 wrote:
This thing is nuts! I'd only ever heard of Insane Bolt, until I got a treasure-card version from a drop in Wintertusk- took a chance, and totally K.O.ed myself within the opening minutes of the battle; I'm actually kinda proud of it.

Slightly off-topic here: I have a diviner, though she is not my primary character and is still very low-level- do Storm wizards have higher odds of casting one of these successfully, or not? If someone can answer this (or direct me to someone who can), it would be much-appreciated.

Laura Shadowsong, Lv. 60 Legendary Sorcerer
Sestiva Stormblade, Lv. 6 Apprentice Diviner,
& my many other aliases.

I quite assure you my storm wizard does not at all believe it has a lower chance at zapping itself than non-storm wizards do. Five times in a row, lol.

Thanks so much for your reply. :) 5 times in a row does seem a bit excessive, but I'd be proud of it, too. :D