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Things you SHOULD complain about

Jun 10, 2009
Hello Everyone!
A lot of people complain about things here on the Forums. The top 5 are:
1. This certain school is too powerful
2. This certain school is too weak
3. This monster/quest/boss/tower is too difficult
4. The drop rate in CL is too low
5. Grandmasters are rude/Lower Levels are annoying
Not in any particular order. Now should any of these things actually be complained about?
1. (This school is too powerful) People usually post these because they have been defeated by that certain school (usually Ice or Fire) a lot. A lot of people agree that these are the most annoying posts on the forums. I personally agree with them, although i mean no disrespect. KI made the schools as fairly as possible, and i dont think they will change the way they work anytime soon. People just post these because they like ranting. Again, no disrespect. So you should not complain about this.
2. (This school is to weak) Same reasons as 1. Please dont complain about this either.
3.(This monster/quest/boss/tower is too difficult.) This one is more difficult. Most people post these because they always get defeated at some point and cant take the time to work out a strategy. However, some people really find it too difficult to defeat. I myself had to do the Warehouse over 15 times before i won, and i tried everything, even using the few crowns i had to by henchmen. Does this mean it should be changed? No. I have met people who defeated it the first time they did it without any trouble. But if a lot of people had the same problem with the tower/monster/boss etc. then, in my opinion, it is a more reasonable complaint and should probably be made easier.
4.(The drop rate in cl is too low) Now here is a good complaint. EVERYONE has had trouble with the drop rate. It is the one thing that should be fixed no matter what the circumstances, yet it seems to be the one thing that KI ignores. Plz fix it so that it is easier to finish our quests.
5. (the grandmasters vs. novices battles) Oh have there ever been posts on this one. When cl came out, there were so many posts on this that it was like everyone, even people who had never read any of the posts, was either rude (Grandmaster) or intruding (novice) I personally saw a level 20 in cl be mocked simply for taking part in a battle. He wasn't really doing anything wrong. He was even contributing to the battle. but no, he was not level 48 +, so he simply must be annoying. Lately, there have been less posts on this, and things have quieted down. So although both sides have good points, great caution should be taken when posting about this, otherwise it may start back up. :( So complain about this if you must, but choose your words carefully.

So to sum up, before you post something that is a complaint, think about it. Decide if it is logical, if it will contribute to the game, and if other people will want it changed too.
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer

May 13, 2011
i agree but mostly on the last. you cant be too low level for a world. i have a friend that the first time i saw her, she was a journeyman... in celesta! i know, crazy, but she was fine, and its a joke how people think a school is too strong or too weak. some are better in group play, some are better solo

Jun 19, 2009
Yes, on that last post, it was total war after Celestia was released. Everyone in the commons was cussing out each other, every low level in celestia would get reported, and at least 100 threads were posted on this topic in just 4-5 months. I, for one, stayed out of the war, having to deal with lower levels cussing me out for no apparent reason. I invited some lower level friends to friend houses, and all of them would get kicked out, as so would I, for letting them port. Eventually every thing slowed down after Celestia was released for about 6 months or so. Though the war still goes on a little, it will start back up again at the release of the next world in the Morganthe Arc. It's always gonna be a conflict every time a higher level world is released. A lot of lower levels complaining at how they can't go, and higher level being mean, blah blah blah. It's about to get really crazy soon....

Feb 09, 2009
Jun 11, 2010
You make good points. As I have said before, rudeness will get you nowhere, and name calling will get you even farther away from your goal then rudeness. You were polite in your post, and tried to be respectful to everybody. I agree that people need to be more... considerate of others, in their posts.

Feb 25, 2011
I agree with all of these.

"With perseverance, victory is assured"

"...there are no shortcuts."

^In response to the "this dungeon is too hard" posts.

I beat briskbreeze at level 50, guys. It isn't that difficult.

Sophia AshHeart
Level 51 Balance

Aug 23, 2009
I agree with your general points, though hopeful others will actually think rather than rant, I won't hold my breath.

I have never understood the reason for people complaining especially when others offer advice or a potential solution and they get upset that KI isn't revolving around their personal minor issues, as opposed to an actual glitch, bug, or defect in the game itself.

The "low/high level" battle will continue especially every time there is a new world/expansion it has happened with DS, CL, WT, WS-not as much with Wysteria that I have seen; due to curiosity and hopes of getting quick, high XP.

Here's hoping thought may prevail...

Jan 05, 2011
I have to make one point regarding the 'this area is too hard' complaints. Although they seem annoying at first, something productive sometimes comes of them through people replying with advice, tips, and strategies that can not only help the original poster of the subject, but can also help others reading the replies to those posts. It also can encourage others that feel the same way that they aren't alone in having difficulties, but also that there are people willing to offer help. Great post, though. -eli and crew

Aug 04, 2009
Now I do admit some complaints are unconventional, but seriously without complaints the message boards really doesn't have a purpose. The game askes for our feed back almost all the time, feed back is what keeps people playing if there is a problem people need to talk about it, if it never gets fixed the imperfection will stay. So I don't see why so many players discourage the message boards from doing what it was meant to do lol. And now it is like trying to fix something is looked down upon and if you have a problem don't fix just deal with it? If you have a problem talk about and hopefully players will try to come up with ideas to fix it, and if not then at least a KI employee will read it and figure out what to do about it.

Apr 10, 2010
I have to make one point about the lower vs higher level wizards debate. There may be a few annoying low levels out there, but there are also some annoying grandmaster and legendary wizards too.
There's just no room in this game for being rude, crude, and behaving socially unacceptable.

May 03, 2011
Thoughtful post, thank you. I guess I have done some complaining on a couple of the topics you mention, so I must admit to being guilty as charged. I try to end my complaints with a question or a suggestion, however, in an effort to keep the discussion open and working toward something positive. "Choose your words carefully." This is excellent advice. Just the other day I commented on a thread here that got really nasty and degenerated into personal attacks. Those posts were removed by the moderator (I assume), but this sort of thing is always a possibility where a lot of anonymous people are interacting on topics that they are invested in, whether it's politics, religion, or their favorite online game. Most people here, I find, are really polite and careful about not offending or attacking others. But overall, yes, I think we could all complain less and strategize/problem-solve more. I really appreciate your mature outlook and good attitude. Thanks again. :-)