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the tag game

Jan 25, 2012
ok now the tag game is nice,and I'm sure its fun but haven;t really played it yet. i was however in a house where everyone was playing it. i was trying to look at things, but they kept initiating it...is there a way to opt out of playing? i want to get it, however I'm afraid if i do, people will come over and keep initiating it, which will keep me from whatever I'm trying to do,and keep me off my mount.

May 09, 2010
So very very disappointed and angry. I worked for months on crafting the tag game. I mean I had all 6 of my wizards working on it. They finally improved chance of amber and today, today my hard work and efforts paid off-I got my last piece of amber and joy of all joys I made my tag game, only to find out that the same day I finally got to make it, it is now being sold in crowns shop!! All that work for nothing! Sadly, I think my crafting days are over. Certain items you craft, I think should not be sold in crowns shop. This is coming from someone who has played for three years now, and finds the crafting fun and challenging, excuse me, found it challenging, but not any more. Not if anyone can go out and just purchase it. I'm done.