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The seven schools and my opinions (pros/cons)

Jul 26, 2012
Please, no flaming as this is a flame-free zone

**Please note that this topic is Opinion based, and the information has been gathered over the years with Experience in Each School.

>I've been a member of Wizard101 since around 2010 (Yes, I had an older account.)
>All the information gathered has been Experienced First Hand by Me and no other resource.
> I will not be doing the Celesta Schools.
>I played all these schools up to level 60.

Health: [ From; Very Low - Very High ]

Damage: [ From; Very Low - Very High ] (from level 1 to 60)

Gear: [ From; Poor - Very Good ] - (From level 1 to 60)

Popularity: (Inferring to how often it is picked, And how many you see in game.) [uncommon - very common]

Defense: [ From; Very Low - Very High ] (from level 1 to 60)

Role: [ Examples are, Tank,Berserker etc ]

Bio: (Basic opinion on what I thought about that school while playing it, usually 2-5 sentences)

Storm =
Fire =
Ice =
Balance =
Myth =
Life =
Death =

The List:


Health: Very Low
Damage: Very High
Gear: Average
Popularity: common
Defense: Very Low
Role: Berserker

Whilst playing Storm, I found myself playing the game more than with any other school. why? well because of it's immense power, but with power comes accuracy. This school requires almost no brain power to play.


Health: Low
Damage: High
Gear: Good
Popularity: Very common
Defense: Low
Role: Burner

Whilst playing Fire, I found myself relaxing a lot more. mostly because its based on DoT spells, I usually used the time to heal myself or plot what to do next. I enjoyed fire alot.


Health: Very High
Damage: Low
Gear: Very Good
Popularity: common
Defense: Very High
Role: Tank

Whilst playing Ice, I found myself not having to worry about death. I was a tank and could easily wipe anyone out by exhausting their mana or cards.


Health: Good
Damage: Average
Gear: Average
Popularity: uncommon
Defense: High
Role: Aid

Bio: Whilst playing Balance, I found myself thinking a lot on what to do next, should I wait out on this judgement? or should I shield? Balance by far is most difficult school because of how much thinking it takes


Health: Average
Damage: Good
Gear: Average
Popularity: common
Defense: Average
Role: Lone Wolf

Bio: Whilst playing Myth, I found myself soloing a lot of worlds. Your minions seem to be your only friends. Myth is a lonely school because it doesn't help others as much.


Health: Good
Damage: Low
Gear: Good
Popularity: common
Role: Healer

Bio: Whilst playing Life, I found myself accustomed to healing and helping others more often than with any other school. Soloing is easy and similar to Ice and it's rather difficult to be defeated.


Health: Average
Damage: Very low
Gear: Good
Popularity: uncommon
Role: Vampire

Bio: Whilst playing Death, I found myself not having to heal as much or at all. Spells are impressive looking.

Thanks for reading!
Feel free to add me in game, Dolan Dusk.

Apr 14, 2014
Thanks! Since wizard101 only allows 6 characters to be made I've bene having a hard time choosing which class to leave out.

Alexis GoldenWalker 26
Autumn GoldenWalker 20 (non mem account)

Jul 26, 2012
Thanks Lexlight! means a lot.

Jul 26, 2012
Please excuse any grammar errors, I ran out of Characters to fill in any details I have missed.

Feb 15, 2013
Dude, all that stuff you wrote on the schools is spot on!!!!! Except for a couple things I want to clear in case people are going to be making new wizards based off this information.
Death has a lot of damage most of my death friends have over 90 damage except for a few
Another thing is that ice and myth are probably most hated in Pvp and in general. With ice people are always saying that they have bad attitudes in Pvp when they lose which is take or give. And myth is great for Pvp saying that they have a spell that takes away all positive and negative things on the actual player.
Last but totally not least I never ever see and max lvl ice wizards or myth!!!! Which is a bum since I really want to get inspired off of their stats and junk so I can be like them and hatch

I hope this helped people decide on wizards they want to pick
Ice rules

Jul 26, 2012
Thanks, as stated above. I ran out if letters to fix any infomation misplaced ot forgotten.

May 15, 2012
Balance is actually very straight forward it has great damage with the right gear in the upper levels nothing resists it the only real block for it is tower shield and the spells are great with the damage in the upper levels you can bust right through the shield

Mar 04, 2012
Wait a minute, when you say "No burning" does that mean I can't cast a Helephant?

Kay, I'm totally joking, I love the many ups and downs you showed me and I have to say I love it all in all.

Katie Moonflame, level 55