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The "REPORT" button is nothing to play with.

Sep 26, 2009
In the past, there have been delays, even nothing happening for miss using the report button in the game.

Those days are over.

For any wizard that becomes upset or angry quick and is tempted to use the report button only to show the other wizard "how powerful you are" ...don't. Or if you say something like "sheet" or "lord day um it" don't think that just because it shows up white "it was allowed" that you just received a false report. I only post this topic to warn people to be careful :-)

Customer service is cracking down now more than ever before on false reports and legitimate report follow-ups. People are being muted, suspended & banned. I myself have even been muted for probablly using some slip-up language in pvp, but have learned my lesson. Don't think that being muted is not as bad as being suspended. Mute is the most horrible thing on earth. Even for 2 days. You are completely noobed by Kings Isle. No asking for help, no talking to friends even the ones with true friend code activated. Imagine living in a world where you can hear everything, see everything but cannot speak or write & can only pretty much hold up pre-written signs that appear to have been written by Big Bird. Yes, it is comparable to the hot and firey place that bad people go when they die. If I believe King's Isle has now created the "Block PVP Chat" to help us from getting too angry when reading our opponents type out something like this: "nice treasure you white noob." I am sorry, but reading that would send me off the deep end, and I would probably end up getting in trouble due to my response so I thank them for adding that feature.

The girl I frequently met online with and quested/pvp'ed & hung out with was reported by a couple people in PVP one night for using a not-so-pretty mouth. It wasn't harsh foul language or discrimination but she was reported, & I never saw her again. See, so to me that was not anything bad, but to the general public, it was. And that was the lesson that I learned. Just because we think it's not bad, doesn't mean it isn't. In the world of games, we are at the mercy of the game creator. The rules may not be bent or broken. AND.... this rule does not apply; "Whoever has the gold makes the rules." Good news for parents every where. Bad news for foul mouthed millionaires.

Just tread carefully with that button. It works, & may backfire on you.

Feb 26, 2009
Agreed. I had no chat through the whole game all the way until a certant point in dragonspyre through no fault of my own. And being muted and not being able to hear whats going on is really bad for me. Though I feel kingsile is muting and banning people for no reason. For instance. My mom knows this guy in real life and they talk over this one computer program. He was telling her his username for the thing. And got a permanent account ban. My friend and I where trying to deal with some people who where swearing up a storm in the gh test realm. We reported them, nothing happened. My friend said that the argument was stupid, he got reported, then he got MUTED.
Though I still find false reports annoying, if someone is being mean to one of my friends for something that they said or WHATEVER. I will get reported as well for backing them up. Overall besides my intense amount of text, agreed.

Mar 24, 2009
Finally someone brings this up!
Some of my friends have been banned for slipping up in language, but they have short tempers.
Now recently, there have been some misunderstandings and misusings of the Report Button. My best friend the other day was banned for no reason, and I will not tell you how because I wouldnt want anyone getting any ideas. But still, You ought to tell the people tht slip up every so often to please stop, then you are allowed to use the ignore button. But do not use the Report button all at once!
Kind regards,
-Amber Rosepetal

Jan 06, 2009
Avoiding the filter to cuss or racist talk ("...white noob") are against the rules. From the FAQ:

We appreciate that our players want to make Wizard City the best it can be, and we've placed the tools in your hand to report players for inappropriate behavior. We ask that you use the reporting feature to identify truly egregious behavior, such as creative profanity (swearing around the filters), solicitation of usernames/passwords, predatory threats, racist comments and other such actions as outlined in the Terms of Use. The old story of “the kid that cried wolf” has a lot of bearing in this situation and we trust that all reports received by players are valid and require support intervention.

IMO, I think they should include soliciting crown gear as egregious behavior because it is. But that's my opinion. Others might disagree.