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The Professor=Doctor Who

Aug 03, 2011
I just thought: Is the Professor in the 5 B.O.X.E.S event based on Doctor Who, a show where an actor plays as The Doctor, traveling in the Tardis into new dimensions to save the world. Episodes such as "The Satan Pit" or "Girl in the Fireplace has many adventures. The W101 B.O.X looks a lot like the Tardis in that show. Rose Tyler in the show is based on Rose Piper, who is selling the recipes for pogo stick in each B.O.X, and each B.O.X has a police call station illusion from the outside, like in this show. Am I correct or wrong based on my theory, that this event all came from Doctor Who? Please reply.

Aug 25, 2014
Correct. And a fun tidbit is the fact that the Seventh Doctor was called Professor by his companion, Ace.There are quite a number of other references to the show as well.

Dec 31, 2010
Another cool fact. There's a drop reagent called "Sonic Spring" which I believe is a play on "Sonic Screwdriver" also, the maestro's wand is probably a Sonic Screwdriver.

Wolf DragonCaller, Lvl 71 Theurgist

Dec 08, 2013
I agree with you.
I have noticed this for a long time, which is surprising since I know very little about Doctor Who.

May 07, 2015
Aug 03, 2011
By the way, I would've asked this question sooner, but I needed more evident proof of Doctor Who being related to the Professor. Please keep these replies and opinions coming! From, Oni Slayer.

Feb 04, 2012
I honestly think it's a reference to Doctor Who as well, though I have never seen Doctor Who myself.
I mean, the whole concept of "travelling back in time" in the "B.O.X" and the drop, "Sonic Spring" (as someone else mentioned) are basically a sum up of Doctor Who, I don't really think you can fit in more references than this ^^

-Roslyn Blueflower, Exalted

Jun 27, 2015
Yes, The Professor is the Doctor Who equivalent of Wizard101 as it's a reference in the game. Another one is Scotland Yard which is where the Metropolitian Police of London's HQ is located and also if you didn't know I was talking about Marleybone (which hopefully you did), Marleybone is based off of London, England.