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The new Upgrade on Wizard101

Apr 19, 2009
Ok i was wondering if any one else is getting any bothered with either the animations or the anything new of the game. Well for me i didnt like the new animations. Ok first the healing. It was cool when they floated it gives the feeling that they agot healed by a mystical force. Now they just jump which ruines the healing feeling. Next the shields. i liked the way it zoomed in and the way they sound. Now they show both of them at the same time and you cant even hear the sound. The other thing i didnt like was the new stores. We really didnt need the new stores we were good with the ones we had. Now on the stores you cant buy the crown items. That was the main reason why i bought in the stores. Last the trees. Ok we already have treasure card shops, we dont need more. Idk about the other players but i keep losing connection constantly. For me i could really keep playing with without these new upgrades. If anyone agrees or have any complaints please comment. i would like to hear and i am sure the creaters of Wizard101 would too.