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The New Bundles

Jun 16, 2009
Ki the news bundles are so awesome! I am so happy for the 2 passenger ride!! So I have a question also, on the hawk, can you fly high on it? It make a really great game lol xD. Bye!!!

Jun 10, 2011
Yes, i have a hawk and you do fly higher, but the camera angle stays like if you were on a broon or tiger. Don't know if its a bug that willbefixed, ord just for show. It is kinda big though, and of course i redeemed it while in marleybone -.- so i find my self dismounted a lot.

Feb 28, 2011
I also dismount a lot from the hawk so I dont get pulled into battles. You cant see all that well on this mount, you may miss reagents, getting reagents and whisps is harder on this mount. You dont fly all that high, but it does glide nicely to ride around on in non quest areas. I opted for the black panther and have the hawk flying at my house.
The rhino mount may be a great option for me, as I have 2 paid accounts and always play 2 students at once, and it is a pain to move one around and then either have the other walk to the spot or port to the first one. With the rhino I can have both players go to each battle together, unless it's in an area where mounts cant go, then it's back to walking or porting to the other player :-( lol But I've seen the castle that comes with this mount, it is totally awesome! Huge. I wasnt into the sultan card bundle either until I saw that castle ( I have one friend who has probably every house available lol) With the sultan and safari houses, there is a genie and a gorilla who give you a 'gift' daily if you visit them, usually a snack and reagent or treasure card I think. I am a bit disappointed in the watchers house/castle or whatever it is. Looks awesome but there is no second floor area for bedroom furniture unless you want to sleep in the room with the telescope. And no good area for kitchen or living room furniture downstairs either, but the walls look cool and outside is neat.