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The Myth Imp Spell (Rant)

Sep 25, 2016
If you're a necromancer or theurgist and you've made it up to Celestia or higher then you probably know the frustration of having a Myth Imp cast on you right before you cast a high-pip spell, causing you to fizzle and lose all the pips you had saved up to cast it. If you're any other school and/or haven't made it up to that point in the game yet, then allow me to explain why the Myth Imp is just a pain to deal with if you're theurgist or necromancer. The Myth Imp spell doesn't do much damage for a 5-pip spell, but it also puts a life and death dispel on you!

I wouldn't have a problem with this spell being annoying if it didn't only affect necromancers and theurgists. As annoying as the Earthquake spell is, I still think it's fair because it's annoying for all wizards of all schools. But Myth Imp is really only annoying for necromancers and theurgists which I think is incredibly unfair! I know that the life dispel in particular can affect other schools using life healing spells, but it's mostly only a problem that necromancers and theurgists have to deal with.

Maybe the Myth Imp could be changed to do more damage and cast a weakness on you instead of a life and death dispel. It would still be slightly annoying but it wouldn't be as annoying as a dispel. Plus, it would be more fair since it would affect all wizards of all schools. Also, maybe have creatures cast this spell a bit less often.

Finally, to all my fellow necromancers and theurgists out there having to deal with this pesky imp and still move forward in the game, I salute you for your perseverance (And high tolerance levels).

Aug 23, 2016
This ^^^^^

Myth Imp always seems to go off JUST before I cast a high pip spell causing it to fizzle. You are correct it is more frustrating than Earthquake.

I'm quite sure there are other things that frustrate the other schools

Steven Ghoststalker

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Most of my wizards - regardless of school - use heals and Feints, so spammed Myth Imp spells can be extremely inconvenient for them as well. In fact, if anything, I think my Life and Death wizards have the easiest time dealing with the Imp, because they have so many different low cost "Life" and "Death" spells to waste on the dispel. For a wizard who needs to Feint or heal, on the other hand, being prevented from doing so at a critical moment can actually cost them the match.

The way my Life and Death deal with it, is to have blades, traps, shields or other zero-pip utility spells on hand to counter the dispels. You can keep them on hand as treasure cards, for immediate use. Hesitate whenever you see a Myth enemy with five or more pips, because that means you may be hit with either the imp or the quake. Pausing in case it's an imp will give you a chance to counter it without losing all your pips.

And finally, when going against Imp-spamming Myth mobs, I tend to rely more heavily on traps and not so much on blades. The reason? They sometimes will follow up an Imp with an Earthquake a turn or two later, which removes the dispels for me. If I don't have blades to worry about, those quakes become quite a friendly and welcome helper!

Alia Misthaven

May 13, 2018
Seriously? I'm going to hate that when I get to it then

Oct 11, 2010
I absolutely hate the Myth Imp spell. It's my least favorite spell in the entire game!
I remember the pain and struggle so clearly. Even when I help out wizards there nowadays, I still get mad at the imp.

Darby UnicornFlower 125
Darby SeaCloud 45
Darby StarWraith 24
Genevieve RoseStone 17
Darby 12

Apr 20, 2011
I have a Myth wiz and believe me I feel your pain as death is my second school and I can't steal health or use a life heal.
It's also annoying that Mth mobs have this spell but we wizards don't lol