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The Music in Khrysalis: The Shadow Palace

Dec 07, 2013
I have been to the shadow palace in Khrysalis one time, and I instantly fell in love with the music in there. I would love to put it in my house, but I could not find a music scroll for it. If any Kingsisle amployee could answer this, I would like to know what the music scroll for the Shadow Palace is called, and if there is not one, then that there really should be one.

Jul 26, 2011
The theme played outside of combat is simply known as Khrysalis Shadow Palace Theme and the combat theme is Khrysalis Shadow Combat Theme. I have both themes in my Amber Estate and I love both themes Kingsisle did an outstanding job with all music in Khrysalis. Hope this helped
Megan Frostflame Level 100 Child of Light and Shadow