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The mean teacher

May 17, 2011
He is mean because you're new. He stops being mean after you are done with Mooshu.

Mary SparkleBlossom level 66 legendary Thurgest

Jul 02, 2012
He is not a "mean teacher" he is related to Malistare Drake. The history of MYTH with Cyrus is not very pleasing so he can not be as happy as others. He also knows you will become a great warrior of the mythical world. How would you act if your brother or sister was gonna die eventually by someone you knew closely? Not so happy! dont let that twisted evil get to you roll it off and be cool 8) :)~

May 30, 2011
Moribund wrote:
He's the Spiral's Professor Snape?

Devin Darksong – lvl 60 Death
Digby Darksong – lvl 60 Life
Duncan Darksong –lvl 60 balance
Dylan Darksong –lvl 60 Storm
Dustan Darksong –lvl 60 Myth
Dolan Darksong –lvl 60 Ice

He is Like Professor Snape In Alot Of Ways

Scarlet DustGem Storm Level 15

Jun 16, 2012
There always has to be a mean teacher in a game like this. But Cyrus Drake is cranky because of his brother Malistaire.

-Emily SkyBlade, Level 41, Master Pyromancer

Jul 08, 2010
As someone said before me and I quote 'He is the spiral's Professor Snape.' I mean honestly, you could figure that out. Cyrus Drake, Severus Snape. The names rhyme for crying out loud!

Kayla, Lvl 72, Transcendent Diviner

Kiley Dreamer Lvl 24, Adept Sorceress

Mar 20, 2011
Jan 02, 2011
hp1055cm on Jul 16, 2011 wrote:
I think he is a bit of a cynic and has a gaurded personality. Perhaps he thinks that he has to be hard on the students to help prepare them for the harsh opponents they will face in the spiral.
Yeah,I agree,and he misses Malistaire too.

Scarlet Silverhunter
Grandmaster Sorcerer

Jul 30, 2012
Is he the only Ravenwood teacher that never posts on the Wizard101 forums?

Jun 17, 2012
The higher level you are the more respect for you he has.

Jun 30, 2012
I think Cyrus Drake is so mean because mailstare is his brother so that mean there in the same family. But what I don't understand is Sylvia drake is nice.

Feb 17, 2012
the mythonator on Dec 13, 2012 wrote:
The higher level you are the more respect for you he has.
Yes. By the time you are in DS he's not so mean- but not exactly nice to you.

May 07, 2011
When you get to a higher level and u beat him in a duel he actually becomes nicer to you. I might be because you beat him blah blah blah so now he kinda respects you.

~Christina DreamGem Life lvl 50 <---weak? Not weak?
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If your wondering y the last name all the same..... Cori made us have it the same and we all had to start with C >.>

Nov 04, 2012
Orbit100 on Sep 25, 2011 wrote:
its because he lost his brother and and wife wouldnt you be sad and grumpy to
no thats malistare who lost A wife her name was sylvia may she rest in peace :( and he lost his brother because he would not be evil :) cyrus lost his parents and brother

Nov 06, 2012
i think he is mean because he is related to malistaire. He may not be evil, but he is mean

Mar 02, 2012
HEALER331 on Jul 14, 2011 wrote:
why iscyrus drake so mean? is it because he misses maliastaire?
That's just how Cyrus Drake is. And no he doesn't miss Malistaire if he wanted to defeat him.... He does get nicer to Myth Wizards and a little bit nicer once you give him the Quetzal. I don't remember any other moments that he was nice but besides that, he is a little cranky.

Jun 14, 2012
Cyrus Drake is not mean is because he doesn't have any patients with new weak wizards.

Sep 01, 2012
Sep 27, 2009
He will become nicer when you finish MS. In DS he actually helps you to defeat Malistaire. For now just take his "meanness" as motivation

Bailey Skullvault Grandmaster Pyromancer

Jul 28, 2011
jefferysmith24 on Jul 13, 2012 wrote:
maybe because hes the only one with no hair. rolf;)
Ok first, lol!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, Its prob cause:

1: His sister in law is gone
2: His brother turned evil and is planning to get a dragon titan which will really destroy the worlds
3: Merle sends in some child who can do what he can't
4: He has no hair. LOL