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The Loremaster's drop rates

Mar 11, 2011
I just beat the Loremaster yesterday, and I was wondering how frequently (or infrequently, for that matter) the Loremaster drops new spells. I only battled her once, and I wanted to know if it was worth farming for new spells, preferably Krampus, Lord of Night, or Savage Paw. How many battles did it take you guys to get a new spell?

Kane Deathmask, Wizard

Jan 27, 2010
I've been farming her since I reached dragonspyre and i have only received a loremaster treasure card....also I'm currently at the three lock box quest I'm telling you this so you know how long I've been in dragonspyre I hope this info helps.

Feb 26, 2012
There have been many threads on this question, esp. in the Dragonspyre section. The drop rates for the spells are very low -- maybe one spell for every 200-300 runs, if that. I have farmed her since May with my daughter. So far, I have got one spell, my daughter two -- and all those within the last week or two.

You do get a lot of loot and treasure cards, but very few spells.

Good Luck!

Dec 26, 2013
Random - Random - Random

My Fire wizard got Krampus as a first spell drop after less than a dozen attempts. Extremely good luck! Since then however, probably more than one hundred more attempts that wizard has only gotten two more spells, both non-fire.

My Life wizard has averaged about a spell every fifty to seventy attempts. Still fairly decent luck since I've managed to get both of the Life spells in a total of seven spells gained.

My Balance wizard has had the best luck - a total of eleven spells in about a six month time frame. All of the Balance spells except Loremaster itself.

I've known people to get a spell drop their first time out...and I've known people that have been farming for months and have never gotten one.

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