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The Family Plan

Jul 13, 2013
Hi my dad plays Wizard101 and we were wondering if we could get a family plan using gift cards that we buy at Target. We have heard rumors that using your credit card for Wizard101 is not a good idea because kids can accidentally spend their parents money without even knowing. So we would like to get a family plan using gift cards. Is this possible?
Myrna Dragoncloud, Grandmaster

May 22, 2009
You can still link accounts together on family plan without using credit card you just won't get the discount.

When using a family plan, you must create a master password. This password must be used when making purchases. So if you don't know the password there is no way for you to make purchases without parental approval.

Hello young wizard,

As Hannah said, you are able to link your accounts together in a family of accounts using only gift cards. But you will not get the discounted monthly subscription rate when using gift cards.

Your concern about accidental purchases however can be taken care of by setting up a Master Password and Parental Controls.

Below is some information for your Dad about how to set this up:

To Enable Parental Controls on your or your child's account you will first need to login on our website and click on the "My Accounts" link. Once in My Accounts you will need to click on the "Create Master Password" button on the right side of the screen. Note: If you are logging in for the first time, you may be automatically prompted to create a Master Password. Just follow the onscreen prompts!

In addition to creating a Master Password, you will also be asked to supply a Master Email address. Please use a valid e-mail address that your children cannot access. Otherwise, our security features won't be able to protect the account! After completing the form, you should see this message: "Account management, parental controls and purchasing now enabled"

Once the Master Password has been set, it will be required to make any significant changes on the account, including making purchases or modifying chat settings. Please carefully review all of the options available to you under the "Manage" and "Parental Controls" tab within the "My Accounts" section of our website.