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The Dilemma

Feb 09, 2009
My Theurgist completed Grizzleheim and Wintertusk (for the new spells and the pet of course) and reached Legendary before even having a chance to delve deep into The Grotto quest arc. Now he needs to wait until the level cap is increased to complete Celestia, but what happens when he enters the next world? Unless the Lvl. 61-70 requirements are ridiculous, I don't see him being able to finish the next world until the level cap is increased again. He's really behind. Of course someone can argue that I can do the rest of Celestia for fun, but why? When I complete a quest the XP is either added to my level bar, or it's gone forever. Why should I let all that XP go to waste?

So my question is what should I do? Complete Celestia now and waste all that XP, or do it when the level cap increases and not be able to finish the next world? *sigh* This is what happens when people complain about quests being too hard and there not being enough quests to level up.