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The Best School

Jun 10, 2009
I have discussed this with my cousin, and some wizards, but i truly want to know, which school is the best?

I dont know because i have arguments for most of them, here they are -

Death -
STRENGTH - Has a lot of tricks up their sleeve and is good at healing because of convert giving them a killing chance and also putting them up as well. This can help in battle on the street as they always end with full enerygy. They also have high power pip percentage
WEAKNESS - They do have a little weaker spells and are not looked at as really the best attackers because they are not that strong.

Storm -
STRENGTH - Very strong and can power up quick with a lot of boost and some attacks do do extra effects which can help them in battle like leviathon.
WEAKNESS - Bad accuracy because they do fizzle alot and there is always the problem of health because they have low health. It also can not heal.

Ice -
STRENGTH - A lot of resist and high energy making them hard to kill along with tower shields which make it more hard. They have a fairly good minion and can stun which also can help in battle.
WEAKNESS - Does not have strong attacks and low power pip percentage which may cause it hard to get to attacks, and one they do, they do not deal a lot of damage. Can not heal as well.

Fire -
STRENGTH - It is the second strongest school there is and that is obvious. It has a lot of overtime spells which can get past shields proving helpful in battles and they have a lot of spells that can attack all opponents which can make them be able to handle large amounts.
WEAKNESS - This school can not heal making it kind of hard and it has low accuracy which may cause fizzling as well as having the second lowest health of all schools.

Balance -
STRENGTH - Balance seems to be able to power up easily and really weaken the opponent causing them to deal less and fairly good power pip percentage. I do not know much about this school.
WEAKNESS - Their traps and blades do not boost a lot and their attacks are just okay damage, not really good. (again, i do not know a lot about this school)

Life -
STRENGTH - This one is kind of obvious as they can heal a lot and have pretty good defense. They also have a lot of energy. Life also has triage which keeps them from losing even more damage making them even more hard to kill.
WEAKNESS - They are not that strong and can not attack a lot making it hard for them to kill the opponent as well.

Myth -
STRENGTH - This school is fairly strong and it can stun making them have little more time to attack. The minotaur and orthrus also help to get around shields but can be hard to use with traps. Earthquake also makes sure they dont get too much damage.
WEAKNESS - They can not heal in anyway making them defenseless other than pixie.

That is all, i want you guys to debate and add any more to this list. I want to see what everyone thinks. Also i want to see what each school is best against, i think life is bad against another life but good against a fire. Something like that. Thank you ...

Jul 06, 2010