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The Best Mount

Dec 17, 2009
What in is the best mount in the crowns shop?
i want to know because i am bored of my current mount :?
Dylan LifeDreamer Lvl 79 Balance
thx everyone, i am gonna go for the hydra a lot mounts you said i already had lol

Apr 28, 2012
I don't know about the best mount. The two mounts I've had trouble with both had wings that keep blocking my view (usually to keep their balance or when we are flying). I got some bat wings once that went on my back for a day and they worked fine. Also you need to define if you want to transport other players with you to help keep your party together. That way one player is less likely to hold the party up by getting in a side fight on the way to where you were headed (this happens all the time to me - LOL).

Feb 07, 2011
breseman wrote:
What in is the best mount in the crowns shop?
i want to know because i am bored of my current mount :?
Dylan LifeDreamer Lvl 79 Balance

That depends on you~ that said, I'll happily share my favourites with you:

-Purple Glider
First item I ever bought with Crowns! This one has been discontinued for some time, rarely makes appearances during promotional events; similar options (the Horned Sweeper and Enchanted Broom) are available. Brooms are the easiest to manoeuvre, and you'll have no problem squeezing passt enemies or getting into/out of small spaces.

-Dark Redwing
This one is available for gold (90,000 coins, or 15,000 Crowns) in the shop. Jump-animation is gorgeous, and it's easy to manoeuvre... a nice, smooth ride.

Extremely rare item from the new hoard pack. Seats 3, not recommended for:

1) solo players, who don't like playing chauffeur (I don't mind!)
2) bad drivers,
3) anyone currently questing in Marleybone or Mooshu (you won't fit into the tiny sliver of space they call a sidewalk).

Since you're a Balance wiz, though, finding one of these in a pack is oddly rewarding. :) But only take this route if you can afford it and have Crowns to burn.

-Mixed Candy Cane
Aaaand the Most Obnoxious Mount Award goes to.... me. LOL.

This festive little broom is a holiday promo, only available at Christmastime or during Mount-a-Palooza. It's cute and stripey, has jingle-bells on it, and even makes noise as you fly through the Spiral... if your friends have their sound on, they'll hear you coming from a mile away!

Other ones I like: Nightflame Pegasus, White Stag (though I don't own one), Wyvern, and the Bone Dragon. I'd love a Blood Raven mount as well, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards... literally. :P

Have fun deciding!

El Veeb
archmage sorceress

Jun 08, 2009
Well, there is no best mount, but I have a few favorites:

Nightmare: An undead Ghost Pegasus in blue armor. Only available in Nightmare Packs, which should be back around Halloween. I ride this guy everywhere! Comes from Nightmare Packs (Seasonal), 359 Crowns per pack.

Hydra: Though I have yet to get this one, I want it badly! Three-person Mount, only one currently in existence. Pretty good copy of the spell, but much, MUCH bigger. Comes from Hoard of the Hydra pack, 399 Crowns per pack.

The Pegasus Mounts: Some of the best mounts in the Spiral. These fine Wysterian horses (with wings!) come in two varieties: Nightflame Pegasus (Black with Red Trim, most popular one) and Skyracer (White with Blue Trim, I own this one). 12,500 Crowns each.

Blood Raven: C'mon, who wouldn't want to dangle their friends from a giant bird's talons? This high-flying mount with Black and Red feathers can carry two players: One sitting comfortably in the saddle, and one in the clutch of this incredible bird's claws! Comes from Raven's Hoard Pack, 399 Crowns per pack.