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The bazaar

Nov 20, 2008
Ok, so is it just me or is the bazaar like a total waste of time?

First off I say it because while I run a "high end" computer, I open the bazaar and WHAM....30 minutes later it MIGHT start catching up to the aamount of lower lvl stuff that you can buy from shopkeepers for cheaper than the bazaar. Isnt there something that can be done to make the bazaar more "user friendly" instead of tryin to load every single type of item at once like its doing now?

May 08, 2009
Dec 18, 2008
i toatally agree. when it was on test realm there were fewer people and didnt have this problem but now that there are THOUANDS of updates t it every few minutes it loads slowly. it took me 1 minute just to get the "are you sure you wish to sell this item" to pop up and even after that it STILL took time. It did get somewhat faster but it was still some what slow and i think ide sell gear there but well buying is something different. unless there is 10+ of that item on at one time you wont be getting that item lol. i clik on what i want and in the time it takes to pull up the buy this item thing it is all gone. i understand that this is un helpable but ide like some way to speed up the whole thing so that doesnt happen. And no its not internet connection or nothing because i ahve some form of high speed. (wish i had dsl but we are 400 FEET out of range to get it....) And another thing is i was dropping connection 3 times a minute. i barley had time to clik my guy bak in the game before i lost it again and connection was at its all time high :-( it has gotten muc better though so idk if yall fixed it or something but just saying :-)

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Dec 21, 2008
Same thing with me, i just have wait 2-3 mins and it will work.But when i click on stuff it sometimes gives me an error.The bazaar is a good way to make money so i guess its kinda good.

My characters name is Blaze Nightrunner lvl 42 or higher.Plz add me to your friend list.

Jun 19, 2009
I agree. I'm getting the same problem. On the bright side, you can get Reagents for Crafting in there, like Mist Wood, in addition to the other ways that you ca find Reagents. ^_^

May 23, 2009
I have to be honest. The Bazaar is a great idea but I think it should be scrapped. What should be opened up is direct player to player item trade. This means you can can whatever you want for something and like the bazaar it always depends on availability anyways.

Also they should eliminate No-Trade items. what really is the purpose anyways? so I can't have more then one brain jar in my house? Is this seriously a problem?

I would also like to see homes shareable between characters. I am not going to buy a separate home per character and decorate it just for a gold sink. If you would like make the character who buys it the only moderator of the house. Only they can change things in the house but all my characters can go there. Like the intro character select only they would be in my home instead.

The biggest problem with the bazaar is the single location they gave it instead of like one per world. That causes way too much congestion.

As well as mentioned above a filter before we open would be nice with defaults set to our character level to find only items usable by our lvl and say 10 levels below. Mind you that would just be a default not mandatory people can search for what they want. it would eliminate a lot of page loading that way though for those who don't bother to open a filter before searching.

Sep 22, 2008
Aertryal wrote:
Ok, so is it just me or is the bazaar like a total waste of time?

First off I say it because while I run a "high end" computer, I open the bazaar and WHAM....30 minutes later it MIGHT start catching up to the aamount of lower lvl stuff that you can buy from shopkeepers for cheaper than the bazaar. Isnt there something that can be done to make the bazaar more "user friendly" instead of tryin to load every single type of item at once like its doing now?
The bazaar is very user friendly. It has all of the first pages filled with items for your school only and the better ones being closer to the beginning. It has been great on its first date of release.

Jun 12, 2009
In addition to that, the update notes say that the bazaar guy will always give you more than the regular vendors, however, this is simply not true. My advice, if you are selling something in the bazaar and he offers low coin check with a regular vendor before selling to him. He regularly offers less coin than a regular merchant for most of the common items people have already sold tons of. Just FYI...

Feb 14, 2009
i agree, but dont complain about it being a waste of time thats just rude
i think it should be orginized like this

wizard type- lvl requirement- type of clothing it might help better load the items you want and leave out the ones u dont want

ALSO i think you should be able to buy items that arent you school type, say one of your wizards has 10k and another has 1k, and you find something really good for your wizard in a place like the baazar, and you cant cause it wont let you! D: plz change that too

May 28, 2009
I agree. It is a little idoitic the way it runs now but im sure the people at kingsisle or who ever works on the game can fix it, soon hopefully.

May 28, 2009
Seriously, if we can't wear it and can't even buy it then why is it in the inventory? I noticed that the highest level fire stuff was sorted to the beginning which made me happy because I am a fire. I assume that other classes of wizard also see their class specific items first but I am not sure. Maybe fire is on everyone's first page, cause Fire Rock! lol Whatever query is being thrown to the server really needs to be updated to only include items of your toon's current class and items that can be worn by any class. This would both reduce the traffic overall and the time it takes to update the bazaar inventory page. The ONLY reason I can even think of where the current system would be helpful is if I had an Ice friend and I was looking to see if the bazaar had the item HE wanted. Do any fire people even have Ice friends? <Shiver> Too cold to be around those guys! LOL!

Jun 14, 2009
Couldn't agree more.

The Bazaar is a good start, but it is far from complete. One should at least have the option to filter based upon:
1) Magic School
2) Level
3) Price
4) Object Name (fragment)

Then the Bazaar should ALWAYS offer a better price than other vendors, no matter what. At least that is what is advertised, so that is how it should work.

The way it works now, as mentioned before, is fun for 20 concurrent users, but when you have 20.000 people browsing the Bazaar at the same time, one can forget about using it in a proper fashion.

Also, I strongly agree with the fact that player vs. player trade should be opened up. It's a bit silly to leave that out.

On top of that I agree that one should be able to share one house with all alts. Why force people to go through all the hassle of gathering at least 8k gold while they already did that? I'm only talking about the cheapest house I could find at level 15.

The major benefit I see from the Bazaar now is that I can buy stuff from other worlds that my char has no access to yet. But other than that, I really don't see it working all that well, since it lacks so many features.

Maybe its setup is very simple, but this simplicity goes at the expense of usability for sure. Imagine how it will work in one month from now when even more different items will be listed in larger quantities. Then at peak time, with everyone being FORCED to browse ALL content of the Bazaar when they open it..... It really doesn't take much to figure out that this will definately not work well.

So I would create filter options based upon character level, magic school, object name (fragment) and pricing. Do not let it open with a listing, open with an empty list (so no query to the database), then let people select their filter options, hit a "search" button and then only they query the database. That would already make a huge difference.
I'd also be in favor of a Bazaar in every world, not just in Wizard City. Why force people to travel just to check out the Bazaar when vendors are also located in all worlds. It can't be too much work to realize that and it would make the lives of all the players a whole lot easier.

Just my two cents to this subject. I recon there is plenty more, but I'll leave that for another time. :-P

Nov 25, 2008
I agree 100% i just hope that they fix this. All this stuff is weak and now with the new "enhancement" that the bosses are allowed to "interrupt" (cheat) all this stuff is worthless :(

Oct 19, 2008
The first thing I thought when using the bazaar was "Why doesn't this have a search function?"

Now, I understand that if you're looking for an upgrade to a piece of equipment, you're not necessarily going to know the name of the item (unless you've researched it on a fansite), but certainly filtering search results by level, school, and various item stats (damage, power pips, incoming/outgoing healing, etc.) seems like a reasonable piece of functionality to implement. Sorted or not, having to scroll through multiple pages of items, mousing over each one, to find what I want is *not* efficient (especially as a low-leveled wizard) and has a lot of room for improvement.

Jan 23, 2009
i thought this might happen but the problem is that there are too many users and ONE merchant. Its true the bazaar does not always offer you the best price if you are selling something that is commonly sold.

Also it goes so fast if you attempt to buy something and someone beats you to it you have to close it up and start the search again because an error message comes up and you can't continue to buy anything without closing.

This means if there is something else you wanted it may already be gone.

A suggestion is that break it up to more vendors with one handling gear another hounsing items and another can do cards and reagents.

Its too much to sort through and apparently time is of essence when you buy in the bazaar.

Mar 01, 2009
wow it seems like most people have a problem with all the new things xD

i hear people saying their is to much and some stuff you cant even use or equip but you can buy them and trade them to another one of your characters that might need them right?

it's not that bad relax people =P

Mar 12, 2009
I Agree, I like the bazaar but would be a lot better with filter, and definitely more bazaars around the spiral. I also agree there should be person to person trading but keep the no-trade for rarer items cause it leaves people with having to farm for some stuff and yet keeps it from being to easy to get. I think the bazaar does have potential it just needs a little more to it.

Mar 09, 2009
First off, the items load on 'low end' computers here (less than 1gig cpu and 512m ram) in less then 8 seconds, i'd think you either have a lousy internet connection, or you have too much other stuff going on in the backround on your computer
Second, there is filtering, just click on the hat/footwear/etc that you want to look at, and your school is listed first, and anything in black you can't use. Very simple, very elegant. I can get through the lists in no time at all.
About the item displaying, that is an issue, and should stay up as long as you hover over the item. My seven year old twins simply cannot process the text in one or two seconds, whatever the time frame is.

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