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Thanks for the lessons.....

May 24, 2012
I've learned a lot in the last 10 days and I just wanted to say thank you to all the astute wizards whose advice I've followed. Learning more about blades and traps gave me more confidence and made me more successful. But now I have another question. I've read posts where a wizard says to arrange your cards so that xxx comes up first. I don't get that, unless this wizard has a much nicer spell book than mine. If I empty the left page and start clicking on the cards I want in my hand, they arrange themselves. It doesn't seem to matter which ones I click on first, they do what they do. I've also noticed that in situations where I'm in duels back to back to back (4 duels in a dungeon before I could get the item), my cards will come up in a different order every duel. That has taught me to be adaptable, yes, but how do I "arrange" my cards so they come up in the order I prefer?

I'm glad you've found such wonderful assistance from our community - we have the best online family!

You cannot 'arrange' your cards - think of it like a deck of regular playing cards, you never know what you're going to turn up.

You can, however adjust the deck up front (think of it as taking only 'hearts' and making a deck)

There's a strategy to the spells you place in your deck, and I'm sure you will find equally helpful advice from other Wizards just like you.