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Thank you KI for the update!

Aug 19, 2008
Lots of thank yous to all the wonderful people at KI!

1. Thanks from Destiny, my slightly demented life wizard, who changed her second school spells to include those charms/traps from the tree in Krokotopia, she has finally been allowed to come back out and play and she is much stronger now! And she loves her new level 48 spell!

2. Thanks from Autumn Storm for her new balance spell (she wasn't quite at 48 so she worked really hard all morning with help from a friend to get there) she likes her new spell.

3. Thanks for the blue mana "dots" floating through all the streets now, as it saves them all time from having to go back to the commons area.

4. Thanks for the new friends list rating, cause when its full I won't accidentally delete someone important!

5. Thanks again for "listening" to us and taking our comments into consideration in your revisions. It is great to feel a part of something; and I think that is one reason this game is taking off so well!

You guys rock!