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Thank you for the compromise

Jun 01, 2009
I'm sure it wasn't easy for KI. Thank you for doing what you do. Something is better than nothing. Although not all complaints have been addressed or could even be, the fact that you put an effort into shows that you really care about your players. I don't mind bosses having power pips, theirs spells fizzle like the rest of ours lol. I do hope that that is not the end to your editing. I'm sure when the time comes you will do what is best. I'll have to say that with your compromises I am sure we will have no problem to continue our subscription

PS. The door to the wizard tower will not let anyone enter after someone. Like the weapon cache did. Just a side note :)

PPS Thanks for putting up with all of MY complaining, I can't tell you how upsetting it was for those changes to be made and effect the game the way they did. Could you add more parchment too ? lol

Thanks Becky