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Test realm?

Mar 19, 2009
I am so anxious to play the test realms but I notice in the rules there is a warning that says " there maybe a loss of items ". I had to fight Malistaire twelve or more times to finally get the boss drop outfit i needed for my death student and i would hate to lose it. Because of this lose of items problems I am unwilling to take this risk.Is the loss of items only on the test realm or will it carry over to live realms after the fact.Please get back to me on this so that i might play this test realm before its over thx.Also can you find it in your heart to bring back the Triton coat I love how it looks and its stats are as good if not better than my Ebon robe drop from Malistaire and something just doesnt seem right about this lol.Thx so much guys of Wiz and keep up the good work.

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What you do in the Test Realm does NOT affect your characters in the Live Realm.

Mar 19, 2009
Dec 02, 2008
If they copy your characters to the test server and then you get something on a live server after that, you won't also have it on the test server. Likewise, if you get something on a test server, you won't also have it on your characters on a live server. That's what they mean by item loss for the test realm.

You can't mess up your live server characters by playing on the test realm; no matter what you do on the test realm, it doesn't affect the live realms. Well, maybe if you tried hard enough, you could get banned from both by causing trouble on one.