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Teaming Up...

Jul 10, 2009
A week or two ago, my son was having trouble with the "Science Fair" set of quests (kill golems to get stuff for the science project) in Golem Court. So, I had him enter the tower and I teleported to him to help clear the tower and finish the quest.

Yesterday, we decided to make new characters. When we tried to do the golem tower quests again, it would not let me teleport to him, saying "Your friend is busy."

Did something change behind the scenes to make certain quests solo activities?

Jan 23, 2009
Wow to my knowledge you were LUCKY the first time. Golem tower is the first quest YOU MUST do alone. you can not share the quest.

Mar 09, 2009
That happened to me as well but a few weeks ago. Maybe it happens sometimes not all the time. Possibly a bug?

Dec 23, 2008
If you actually teleported to him in the Golem tower, that would be the bug. That tower is designed as a solo-only encounter.

Mar 12, 2009
Hello, some place's in the game are solo only places which means that they have to do it on there own, golem tower being one of the places. Sometimes this stinks cause as the game progresses the monsters get higher HP and hit harder but eventually you will find a strategic way through it. I myself don't mind it as much considering i love strategic situations that require me to find a possiblity around defeating the monsters on my own with the cards i have. Just wait a little bit till you get higher level and go back to play that area again. Hope this helps and good luck.

Feb 21, 2009
I've never been able to port into the tower or have someone port into me & I finished that tower a long while ago.
Maybe you hit it during a glitch or something?

Mar 08, 2009
I had always thought Golem Tower was meant to be a solo player challenge too.

In fact my high leveled character always goes there whenever he wants to create Treasure Cards, because random folks cannot port in during the fight, and then ask him what he is doing - not killing the creatures.

I found it handy before porting could be turned off.