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Team Champion Badge, Golden Halo Missing?

May 19, 2012
I finally got the Team Champion Badge today. ( Use team up kiosk 2000 times )

I also play Pirate101 and was aware they have a special Golden Halo that sparkles when you get the Team Champion Badge and equip it.

When I equipped the Team Champion Badge on Wizard101 there was nothing extra special I noticed.

Is.there any chance you may add the Golden Halo on Wizard101 at some point? I was really hoping it would be here! The Golden Halo is really cool and that was a serious amount of work to do! I think it deserves some type of reward!

I also collected all the Lore Master dropped spells while completing Team Champion Badge.

Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas!

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009

Having a halo effect sounds really distinctive! Hope they do bring that into the game here.

Alia Misthaven