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Teacher Feature

May 30, 2009
This is a list of personal descriptions about all the teachers in Ravenwood, and a few other people. Enjoy!

Halston Balestorm - Always energetic! One of the most encouraging teachers at the Ravenwood school of magical arts. Even if he is energetic, he is very serious about his work. He could be very happy at one moment, But worried the next. Be careful with him, Or the next thing you know it, His invention will require YOU as a voulenteer! ;) Storm can be labled "The Strongest Easily" in an optional title.

Lydia Greyrose - The nicest and fairest teacher at the Ravenwood school of magical arts. Ice can be claimed for the patient wizards in Ravenwood, But soon enough, It's power becomes unbelieveable! After trying out Ice for myself, I must say that I thought Ice was very weak at the beginning. After becoming a Level 40, I was amazed! Even if this relates to all schools, Ice can be labled "The Most Promising" in an optional title. Keep learning Ice, and soon enough, It's power becomes Wonderful!

Dallia Falmea - I find Madame Falmea to be a "Fair" Teacher at the Ravenwood school of magical arts. She's not too nice, but she's not too mean either. She's in the middle of the chart. Although Fire is very powerful, It has a high chance of fizziling. I say it's a "Fair" school. It's not bad, It's a very good school to learn. But with all that power I reccommend the responsibillity of Fizzles. Of course, It's great to buy "Accuracy" clothing, But that doesn't change the point. Fire can be labled "Powerful but Tempting" in an optional title. The reason I put "Tempting" there is because With the powerful spells Fire has, You want to use them. (that is Tempting for you) But this is a BAD thing because you COULD fizzle easily.

Marlorn Ashtorn - A Young student whom is very encouraging about the Death school. He teaches you the basics of the School of Death. He tells you the story of how Malistare caused the Death school to "teleport" to Nightside. He teaches you up to the Level 16 Spell, There isn't much about him, really. He's encouraging though! :-D

Cyrus Drake - Now now, Before you complain that Cyrus Drake is a mean teacher, I want you to try myth out for yourself. Even if Cyrus Drake tries to get you expelled. He starts respecting your wisdom around Level 40, (when entering Dragonspyre) He can be labled "Cruel but Wisdomic" Due to the fact he has 2 personallities throughout the storyline. He is quite a confusing teacher, But Myth's power is pretty Sweet! Myth can be labled "Weak but Powerful" The reason is because Myth is WEAK throughout Levels 1-24. But Levels 25-60 Become quite powerful. When you become an Adept.

Moolinda Wu - I'm not exactly sure what her Whole story is, But I can tell you that she taught at the Ravenwood School of magical arts long after Sylvia Drake, Malistare's Wife. She's encouraging about the School of life, And some of her quests can be pretty hard. Life focuses on the Art of Healing. If you want ALL (like, The first spell knocking out 350) of your spells to be Extremely Powerful, Life is not For you. Life is for "Friendship, Healing, And Health, And calmness" If you are not a Calm student, You'd best off be learning Storm. Life focuses on the Calmness of Life, soothing down emotions. Just learning the art of this wonderful school. Life can be labled "A Wonderful Experience" on an Optional title. The quests take you to far away places, And just learning the art of healing is an Adventure!

Arthur Wethersfield - Very Encouraging about the school, Even claiming it's powerful just talking to him in Enrollment. Balance is Quite strong All the way through. I would say it's an EXTREMELY Powerful school once you get to Level 42. Arthur Sadly CANNOT teach you all of the Balance spells. If you will not be a member throughout your Wizard101 Playthrough, You might not want to choose balance. You will have to talk to Alhazred in Krokotopia to learn the rest.

Alhazred - Balance Master. Probably the Wisest teacher in all of "Ravenwood" And "Krokotopia" He teaches you Very powerful spells like, Judgement, Ra, etc, etc. I haven't talked to Alhazred enough to know if he is Encouraging about the School of Balance, But he sure does like teaching the school! Balance can be labled "Wisdomic" On an optional title. Balance is about Equality. If you choose a side, Weak or Strong, Then you shouldn't choose balance. Balance is about EQUAL power. Not a clobbery mess of Weak and Strong.

Dworgyn - This teacher is litterally "Insane" It appears when The death school went, Dworgyn went with it. He teaches you the rest of the Death set. (Note: Once you get to Dworgyn, Death is Extremely Powerful) Dworgyn Is encouraging about the school of Death and littterally cant wait to teach you it. The level 48 and 58 School spells are Very powerful in Death, and are worth the wait to learn. Death can be labled "Powerful but Trickful" on an optional title. Yes, Death can be tricked! One moment, You think your casting a spell, The next minute, Your stunned! It's best to disguise yourself as another element so people don't know your in the school of Death. (But only in PvP! It's OK in the Spiral) For these reasons.

1. PvPers don't like Health Stealers
2. PvPers can be afraid of the Power of Death, If they are about to use a Defeating spell, And you use Scarecrow or something, You could heal back, Giving the PvPer not enough power to defeat you.

-Important Players-

Mr. Lincoln - The Registar! Even if he doesn't seem important in the game, Without him, You wouldn't be able to learn a class! The problem with Mr. Lincoln is that AFTER you learn about the button, He tells you about it. (Which can get quite annoying). I don't quite know if this is a bug, I hope Kingsisle can fix it.

Gamma The Owl - A 1,000 Year old Wisdomic Owl. This Owl's Voice is High pitched, But what he says is Very important. DO NOT Skip what he says. Every word of what he says is valuable information in the game. Study Hard on what Gamma and the Headmaster Say.

Headmaster Ambrose - Headmaster Ambrose never states what his "In-Game Age" is. Headmaster Ambrose is the most Important Player in the Whole world of Wizard101. Without him, You probably couldn't even cast spells! He teaches you the Basics of the Game along with the Storyline of the Game. After Level 25+ His quests start getting a little Harder.
Go Headmaster Ambrose!

Thank you Young Wizards for taking the time o read my post, See you soon! :-P

-Aaron Anglebane.