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May 31, 2009
Hi people!
Sorry if I seem stupid to you, but can someone enlighten me as to the purpose of the spells like taunt and distract? To me they just seem to be a waste of a turn (and in some cases, pips.) Thanks! :-D :-D :-D :-D

Aug 10, 2008
Taunt increases the chance that your target will pick you when they cast an offensive spell.

Distract is the opposite, it will decrease the chance they pick you.

If someone else does a large amount of damage it becomes increasingly difficult to taunt or distract an enemy.

You can think of it like this, even though it does not exactly work this way:

Friend1 deals 1000 damage to Enemy1 and causes 100 points of invisible "Hate" on Enemy1
You cast Taunt on Enemy1 and cause 200 points of invisible "Hate" on Enemy1

Next turn Enemy1 is more likely to pick you as its target instead of Friend1 because you have more "Hate" then he does with that enemy.

Jun 07, 2009
yeah same here i don`t get what they do

but what i think that the taunt increases fizzle ????????????

Feb 19, 2009
Since you don't know, i will tell you. Taunt is used to make a monster more likely to attack you. This can be helpful if in case your partner is in trouble or something like that. Distract or the one with a dove on it, makes a monster less likely to attack you. So you might want to use them wisely

May 15, 2009
Ah, never confuse 'stupid' and 'ignorant', which is merely a lack of knowledge.

In many RPGs with grouping, you have different roles:
- Tank: His job is to take damage, has lots of health, shields. [Ice]
- CC (Crowd Control): hinders foes from dealing damage/running amok while group focuses on one target at a time [Ice]
- Healer: Keeps group alive [Life]
- DPS (Damage Per Second): Deals most damage to foes, is "squishy", opposite of tank [Storm, Fire]
- Utility: Buffs, debuffs, other useful things for getting around [Balance, maybe Myth]

[Death] is a nice mix of a few of those (a bit tanky/a bit squishy, can self-heal and can heal others a little, deals decent damage, has buffs)

Given these roles, the Tank [Ice] will use Taunt to get foes to attack himself--because of his high health--rather than the Storm guy, who has very low health. This is called "pulling aggro" due to his aggravating his enemies. "pulling hate"/"generating threat" are synonymous.

This is why the Storm student's minion laughs and taunts foes, to serve as the wizard's Tank, taking damage so the Storm wizard doesn't have to. The minion spams (repeatedly casts) Taunt to keep the Storm's high-damage spells from pulling aggro off the minion and onto himself. Why this setup? The Storm wizard can't do his job (damage) if he has to waste turns/mana healing/shielding himself. A Soloing Storm wizard's first goal should be to get his minion cast by turn 2 so he can concentrate on quickly damaging foes.

Taunt/distract are the opposite of Soothe (Storm spell, reduces threat).