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Tartarus Hades, Sands of Time

Jan 03, 2013
In Tartarus, Hades will sometimes say during the battle something about "Sands of time are running out". I keep hearing that it is a sort of timer that when he says it, decreases your chances for better prizes. WikiCentral makes no mention of what the Sands of time quote is. So id like to ask Lydia Greyrose or someone there, what is this exactly and how do you manage it to not say it?

Sep 19, 2010
I cant believe that this post has been ignored. There is a very contentious debate over this very topic. Was hoping for some feedback from the community.

Aug 18, 2011
This is a rumor. It is false.

All drops are based on pure chance. What you do in the fight has no effect on what you get, ever.

Sep 17, 2012
Every fifth round he will cast a 0 pip damage over time spell on one player in the battle. This spell will last for 3 turns and does approximately 600 base damage per tick. This spell is not cast as an interrupt but on his natural turn. This attack currently has NO animation other than Hades' casting of the death school symbol, so it's easy to miss. When the first tick hits (NOT at the time of casting but when the damage is dealt) Hades will shout "The Sands of Time are running out!"

It's just Hades announcing his dot attack.