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Sword Animation

May 09, 2009
I think the animation of the swords are a little faulty. They are the exact same animation as the wand.

Just to be more realistic, I think KI should make the sword animations slashes instead of random and quick motions. I mean, try waving a big piece of metal back and forth. Its realistic for the wand, but not the sword. The swords are alot heavier than the wands so the swords should have broader and longer animations.

Maybe a hoisantal slash, then a vertical, then a thrust to the shape you are casting.

Just my thoughts,
Marcus Legendcrafter, LVL 35, LIFE Storm

Dec 30, 2008
i think you wouldnt have to be slow or have a long animation cause you would use magic to lighten it and expertise and technique to manipulate it so that you can move it anywhere you want but i thinkthere should be a super quick slash with the sonic wave blasting the opponent back for around thirty seconds.

Dec 30, 2008