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Sword and Athame usage.

May 04, 2009
Ok, so I searched around before posting this question. I see that for the most part your casting and using your wand. However, I have 4 athames and have equiped one but no idea how to use them in PvP/PvE. Can someone please give me a rundown on how this works? I've seen people use them, but get little response back when I ask them.

Swords and Athames are two different things.

An Athame does not show up in your hand as an Athame is not for battle use. The Athame's primary use is to direct energy which is why your Athame will increase your stats in some way.

Swords on the other hand, are listed under wands and act like a wand, which means they do show up in your hand and grant spell cards.

Hope that helps!