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Super bundle in texas

Dec 20, 2008
Is the super bundle only in Texas or is it other places because no gamestop near me has one.

It's been released to stores all across the USA and it is up to the individual retailers to put them on the shelves. Make sure you call before you go!

Dec 20, 2008
I have tried everyone of them anywhere near me. I hope they come in soon!

May 12, 2009
Me also. I have checked 8 different gamestops in my area and none of them had them in or had any record of getting them in. I live on the west coast in washington and i know most of the gamestops do wizard101 promotions, because when i ask them about the super bundle they say all they carry is the mega bundle. I know it has hit gamestops in the eastern coast of the usa because my friend in pensylvania has it. Professor Greyrose said that it was available all over the u.s. but none of the gamestops in my area have recieved it yet.

(P.S. I am having same problem with the hawk bundle. No walmarts in my area have that, either.)