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Sun Spell Questions!?

Jun 09, 2013
Hi, could anyone please explain to me, with details and examples what the following sun spells do and why they are useful/good/bad? I will appreciate any and all replies :)

Sharpened Blade:
+10% to 1 positive damage charm spell
What does this do?
What is a positive damage charm spell?
What is an example of a damage charm spell?
Is this spell useful/good/ bad? Why?

Potent Trap:
+10% to 1 negative damage ward
What is the function of this spell?
What is a negative damage ward?
What's a ward?
Could you provide and example of a negative damage ward?
Is this spell useful/good/ bad? Why?

Jul 05, 2010
I will try my best to explain this for you:

Lets say you are an ice wizard and you got the sharpened blade. Now you have a spell called iceblade which boosts your next ice attack with 40%. Use this sharpened blade the same way you would use the colossals by clicking on them and then click on your blade. Now your iceblade will do 50% damage to the next ice attack. Charm is your blades. Also this only works for the charms that you yourself have successfully trained. I would say this spell is very useful as you can stack an enchanted charm with the same type of charm that is not enchanted.

Lets say zou are an ice wizard and you got the potent trap. Now this works exactly the same as sharpened blade but instead of enchanting blades it is enchanting your traps. Wards is your traps. So you have an ice trap that boost 30% damage to next ice spell but with the potent trap it can boost 40% to the next ice trap plus it can get stacked with a regular ice trap. I'd say these spells are very useful and everyone should get at least one.

Happy wizarding,

Nicholas IceCaster Archmage Thaumaturge

Aug 20, 2010
I can explain this in the easiest way possible.
I love sun spells, I trained the damage sun spells to colossal and have trained primordial, sharpened blade, and potent trap.

  • It enchants your blade. Example: balance blade is +25%, with enchant blade it is +35% and you can use the nonenchant and enchant at same time.
  • A blade that boost spells.
  • Any blade, for say balance blade
  • It is extremely useful! For example I am a balance and here is the blades I can use, +25%, +35%, +20% and +30%. Instead of +25 and +20 with balance blade and bladestorm.

  • Potent trap enchants your trap, like sharpened blade.
  • A ward is your blade.
  • It is the best, and everyone must train sun spells in my opinion, they are the best of the astral schools, please do yourself a favour and don't train moon spells.