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Summon Spells

Apr 05, 2009
It's quite obvious the AI in the game just randomly plays it's cards based on the pips it has. My beef though is with the summon pet spells and thier AI.

I'm a death student and I don't use my pet often. Mainly I find myself popping it out on Bosses with 5-10k health in Dragonspyre. Just to help grind em down a bit quicker. What really irks me though is sinking 8-14 pips (obviously with power pips) into a pet. Out comes this rank 6 ghastly ghost or ghoul or whatever deems to come out. The summon then proceeds to cast 1 pip death sprites till I puke. Once in a while if it fizzles enough I *might* see a kraken, or it pops out a few curses for me. Or just sits there giving itself -50% damge shields. I had one ghost with 6 of those things on it. The least it could of done is give me one, greedy ghost :( Seriously for a summon rank 3-4 or higher get rid of 1 and 2 pip damage spells from thier deck

I also have a life character I play. Once inawhile I spit out that little 4 pip rank 1 fairy to heal me on longer boss fights (dragonspyre bosses obviously) so i can concentrate on grinding that 7k+ hit points down. My little fairy then decides that she should just cast the 1 pip heal over time on herself 4-5 times. throw a silly imp at the boss and tend to just be useless while I get pulverized. Even sitting less than 1k health she will most of the time ignore me.

Please for the love of all wizards change the decks a bit on summoned minions and increase thier AI a bit on what they should cast (esspecially the healer sprite). Even if it means making the AI perform a bit better (would be welcoming to me)

end of my rant.

Apr 05, 2009
So today I managed a full power pip summon. The first spell he casts is the 1 point death sprite. yay. I guess no one else values summons. Not that I do either anymore. I toasted it from my deck. They really should be a bit more useful. Esspecially if it takes X pips..